Creative activism: Making a difference through filmmaking and photography

Speakers:Evelyn Teh, researcher and photographerAndrew Han, documentary filmmakerModerator: Anil Netto, Aliran president⏰ 2.30pm – 4.30pm, Sat, 23 MarchOrganised by Aliran

‘Mystery man’ UNVEILED! He talks about inclusivity and diversity and the challenge facing Malaysia

Who on earth is that 'Voice on WhatsApp' who often sends out viral audio recordings of his political commentaries?The mystery man, Imraz Ikhbal,...

Palestine – A view from Bethlehem and a Malaysian perspective

A talk and discussion held at the Aliran office in Penang on 6 December 2023, jointly organised by Aliran and Ikram.Dr Roslan Hashim of...

Malaysia’s ‘green wave’? Fears, challenges and realities

A talk on 18 November on the reasons behind Pas' dominance in the north of the Malaysian peninsula.Speaker: Assoc Prof Azmil Tayeb, Aliran honorary...

Participatory democracy and citizen empowerment

Speakers: Magdaline Pereira, assistant honorary secretary, Aliran Evelyn Khor, member, Aliran; secretary, Taman Tun Dr Ismail Community GardenModerator: K Haridas, executive committee member, Aliran11am,...

Malaysia at 60: What hope for a more inclusive nation?

In this talk, emeritus professor and Aliran member Johan Saravanamuttu focuses on Malaysia as a multicultural nation with diverse communities.Of late, ethnic and religious...

Is there hope for a progressive Malaysia?

In this hybrid talk organised by Aliran, former diplomat M Santhananaban, a regular writer for Aliran, discusses the outlook for Malaysia in light of...

Sustainable development and climate crisis: Where are we at?

This webinar addresses one of the five key points of the People's Agenda:Promote equitable, sustainable development and address the climate crisisEnsure that development...

Uphold the dignity and quality of life of the people

You are invited to this webinar.

Reclaim our nation: Save democracy, uphold rule of law

The People's Agenda held a webinar on the fourth concern of its five-point agenda:4. Save democracy and uphold the rule of lawEnsure that all...

Kepelbagaian dan Keterangkuman (Diversity and Inclusivity) – Mengapa sukar dicapai?

Ahli panelis:Tijah Yok Chopil, aktivis Orang Asli Jannie Lasimbang, ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah untuk Kapayan Prof Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid, profesor, USMModerator:...

Lawan rasuah dan kronisme – Apa kata anak muda?

Rasuah berleluasa di Malaysia, dari skandal 1MDB sehinggalah permasalahan duit kopi. Kehilangan dana awam cukup besar - dana yang sepatutnya digunakan bagi kebajikan rakyat terbanyak,...

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