This Is Neoliberalism Part 1: Introducing the invisible ideology


If you’ve ever wanted to understand what neoliberalism is, this is the series for you. A video by BarakalypseNow.

Neoliberalism is an economic ideology that exists within the framework of capitalism. Over four decades ago, neoliberalism became the dominant economic paradigm of global society.

This video series traces the history of neoliberalism, starting with a survey of neoliberal philosophy and research, a historical reconstruction of the movement pushing for neoliberal policy solutions, witnessing the damage that neoliberalism did to its first victims in the developing world and then charting neoliberalism’s infiltration of the political systems of the United States and the United Kingdom. Learn how neoliberalism is generating crises for humanity at an unprecedented rate.

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19 Oct 2019 10.45am

Here are Parts 2 and 3, which together with Part 1, explain why the far-right have seen a resurgence in the west.

This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ Keynesian Embedded Liberalism (Part 2)

This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ Hayek and the Mont Pelerin Society I: 1918 – 1939 (Part 3)

Malaysia’s 2020 Budget and the likes of NGOs such as IDEAS are neo-liberal.

19 Oct 2019 10.01am

Thanks. I clear explanation of Neoliberalism for many who are not clear about what it means.

Ever since the Reformasi days, I have noticed from articles and comments online, that Pakatan supporters are more favourable towards neo-liberalism, as a means of breaking down policies such as the NEP and government involvement in the economy through GLCs, than BN supporters were.

Some of these Pakatan supporters, even favoured foreign ownership of Malaysia’s key industries such as telecommunications, electricity, finance and so forth, as long as they get better service at cheaper rates.

I have been opposed to capitalist/imperialist globalisation, unregulated free markets, open borders, deregulation and sof forth all along.