PH presidential council must listen to people’s pleas

Many are hoping that the government of the day will act more decisively in resolving these two crimes, the Altantuya murder and the 1MDB scandal, writes JD Lovrenciear.

Whatever the outcome of the Pakatan Harapan’s pre-presidential and presidential council meetings today, many Malaysians would like to make two important pleas.

All the presidents’ men and women should not ignore or even attempt to give lip service to these pleas. 

First, we need a principle-centred, law-abiding closure to the Altantuya murder mystery. 

The latest revelations by two sources, Sarawak Report Sarawak Report and Americk Sidhu, indicate there are many loose ends that demand closure. We cannot leave it to time and tide for justice to prevail for justice delayed is justice denied. 

Two, few would disagree that the ongoing kleptocracy trials in court should be expedited so that justice can prevail soon. There is only so much that we can stomach. 

Many are hoping that the government of the day will act more decisively in resolving these two crimes, the Altantuya murder, and the 1MDB and related thefts. 

How soon we can achieve a formal, acceptable, righteous closure of these two epic cases will set the tone for our beloved nation’s future.  

Hopefully, the PH presidential council will listen to these pleas.  

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22 Feb 2020 9.38pm

Ideally, yes.

But in practice, it has not worked out that way, unless the Presidential Council’s decision to let Mahathir stay on as PM as long as he wants to is in line with the wishes of the majority of Malaysians, especially the silent majority.

The new revelations by Americk Sidhu have so far only been reported by blogs and not by news media, whether the print newspapers or the online publications – why?

When I see the advertisement for the book – Regime Change in Malaysia in the right sidebar, I wonder “what regime change?”

We have basically gone from the frying pan into the fire, following GE14. One Pandora’s Box was closed but another was opened.

And, if UMNO-PAS wins the next elections, things could be even worse.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
22 Feb 2020 11.19am

‘PH presidential council must listen to people’s pleasAll political candidates pledge and promise to work for the good of the people and country’.

Those who lose will either continue serving until next elections or just cash in and get some public appointments to continue their lifestyle at others’ expense or retire on pension or multiple pensions.

Many of those who win may give priority to ownselves and families and those who may have financed their election campaign costs and then may work for benefit of country and people.
(Gist of politics as concluded in TASHKENT Files movie.)