MPs helming government-linked firms to provide checks and balances? It’s a stupid joke!

Only experienced and well-qualified professionals in their fields are able to provide checks and balances on these companies, WH Cheng writes.

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz recently said in a parliamentary response that the appointment of MPs from Umno, the MCA and the MIC to head the government-linked companies is the way to provide checks and balances on these organisations.

Please, Tengku Zafrul, government MPs appointed to helm such companies cannot provide checks and balances, given that they are MPs on the government bench, not the opposition bench. History has proven that appointing government MPs to head government-linked companies GLCs tends to end up up with public funds being swindled and mismanaged, and corruption becoming rampant.

Have you not seen what happened prior to May 2018? Billions of ringgit were swindled and abused, and corruption spread like nobody’s business. It was ‘business’ as usual back then. One Umno MP even said stealing and robbing was not an offence unless the thief or robber was caught.

The fact is no government MPs can help check on government-linked companies. If Tengku Zafrul insists these  government MPs can do the job, it is like someone who is going for a driving test conducting the driving test on himself and then awarding marks for himself. Is this what the finance minister means?

Tengku Zafrul, how many of the government MPs heading all those government-linked companies are trained experts in their respective fields with the relevant expertise? Give us the number, their qualifications and professional backgrounds, please!

If you are really unaware or just closing one eye, please remember: only experienced and well-qualified professionals in their fields are able to provide checks and balances on the performance of government-linked companies.

If you are unable to find the time to analyse the “qualifications” of these government MPs, most of them are not qualified to helm these companies and check on their performance.

One simple question: who will then make sure that these MPs are in fact guiding these government-linked companies so they fall in line with government’s objectives and aspirations instead of turning them into their personal bank accounts?

The Perikatan Nasional-helm government is repeating the BN era’s tendencies in stages right now.


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