Malaysia’s mysteries hang like a millstone over the nation

Graphic: freemalaysiatoday

If the mysterious murders and enforced dissappearences of citizens are not solved, Malaysia will remain a nation without conviction, says JD Lovrenciear.

While we may chase after economic dreams and fight for political justice, we must not forget that the mysteries surrounding murders and enforced dissappearences will determine the real status of our nation.

To this day, we have been unable to close the Altantuya chapter with all questions satisfactorily answered.

Add to that the mystery surrounding the enforced dissappearences of Amri Che Mat, Raymond Koh and Joshua and Ruth Hilmy that Suhakam has unravelled without fear or favour.

Our politicians can preach as much as they want about constitutional rights. They can make a million promises to bring progress and development for all of us.

But when there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the murdered soul of Altantuya, we are, in short, a failing democracy.

Likewise when citizens can dissappear and no one wants to find out or even own up as in the cases of the four enforced dissappearences, we cannot continue to pretend that we uphold the Constitution.

Bread-and-butter issues alone do not make good governance. Making promise after promise and putting up a great show in the fight against corruption cannot earn accolades of progressive praise.

The government of the day must solve the mystery murders and enforced dissappearences to gain the respect of the world.

As long as citizens do not regard this gruesome murder and the enforced dissappearences as an integral component of their demand for a better nation, we will remain as a nation without conviction.

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M. Pushparaj
M. Pushparaj
31 Dec 2019 1.05pm

We are in a pathetic rut. Justice must prevail, hence the Altantuya case must gear up. UMNO has been such an irresponsible government where the … packs have been filling their pockets to overflowing levels, that they never were able to see anything straight but crooked. So what are we waiting for? Let’s see an effective government this time.

SNaidu, Dr.
SNaidu, Dr.
18 Jul 2019 1.44pm

Tks JD.Yes, the ‘deep state’ within OUR new govt. may grow dangerous tentacles. Rakyat will be the ultimate losers. Already we are seen as a near failed state.DrM needs to be transparent as promised.Anti-Corruption efforts are good.It will be good for the soul of MSIA and for OUR posterity.Pls bring to justice ALL involved in the deaths of Teoh,Altantu, disappearance of Koh, Amri,…I challenge the present peoples’ leaders-Govt n Opposition, to empathise with those suffering still under yr watch today. What if your own family member is the ‘victim’?No one can escape God’s Wrath.He is watching u n me.Once we pay our dues n follow the law, it is a great sense of freedom-for u n yr loved ones.TAKE STOCK TRULY IN GOD.Pls listen for MSIA.

Teo Chuen Tick
17 Jul 2019 4.10am

Well said, JD.
We can no longer blame the umnoputras though those “mysterious murders and enforced dissappearences of citizens” took place under their watch.
The PH has been in power for more than a year – yet, there is no true effort to unravel the truth behind those tragic incidents.
The powers-that-be in PH appears fearful of the facts behind those cases, they don’t seem to believe that the truth will set us free.
I can only speculate – the purported deep state within a state involved must implicates powerful individuals in the current govt.!!