Malaysian race dichotomy – imagined or real?

The media should give the public more space to make the news and edge out the politicians who are preoccupied with racial issues, says JD Lovrenciear.

It is indeed puzzling if not irritably confusing. The racial “divides”, racial “sensitivities” and racial “quotas” seem to be to making the news all the time.

But where you live and work and play, you see Malaysians intermingling between the various races almost effortlessly. You see this on walkways, in public transport, eateries and office corridors.

But the news pages tell a different story. Politicians seem preoccupied with racial divides and calls for ‘tolerance’ every other day. Be it economics, social or even environment – the political twist is almost always one of racial if not religious alarm.

This dichotomy between what we see in everyday life and what we read in the news with increasing ferocity should set us thinking.

Either our politicians and news bearers are completely detached from the reality on the ground level or citizens are living in superficial make-believe harmony.

One truth that is slowly emerging is that Malaysians are increasingly growing tired of this encroachment into their social space, where people find comfort and solace in mixed communities – be it at work or leisure.

Hopefully the media can play a champion’s role in giving the public more space to make the news and edge out the politicians who are hellbent on going on about racial discord, sensitivities, intolerance.

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SNaidu, Dr.
SNaidu, Dr.
20 Aug 2019 1.31pm

Tks.Msns are a friendly lot.Is this from one’s heart?One can sense the difference in markets,schs,Univs,work places.With the known political parties n their mind-boggling power plays devoid of even an iota of objectivity n truth, NGOs,the likes of Zakir,Najib,some UMNO-PAS personalities,developments around the world,there is uncertainty about our common future, well-being as a ONE nation.Political servant-leadership and education is the RAKYAT’s hope,promise. Pls do look at nations around US n humbly n spiritually committedly, implement reforms with universal sustainable benefits.EDUCATE n control ALL who r stuck with race, ‘my religion is the only true religion’ attitudes.PH needs to ‘turun padang’ with intensity as such.Time….?

Gram Massla
Gram Massla
20 Aug 2019 1.49am

Back in the day, when whites in America were bold enough to express themselves freely, the n-word was used liberally. It would dribble out of their mouths in the most casual manner. It is the same in Malaysia. There may be Malays who don’t use the term “Keling”; however it is a truism that (many) do. Bumi-flavored and favored laws have created a caste system where the Malay reflexively views himself as superior and the true native. This attitude is exhibited cheerfully in the public sphere. It is not a creation of the media but the reflection of the times we live in.

19 Aug 2019 6.03pm

It’s a very well known fact……Racial devide & Radical speech have kills every nation on Earth. The PH leaders should today put their heads & soul together n decide if they are standing for Malaysia for Malaysians or still continue n Play racial base politics. The nation today is getting sick of all these rubbish talks. Enough of all the … being played since May 9 2018.