Impossible for Malays to end up like the Uighurs

Uyghur elders at a Sunday market in Kashgar, Urghur Autonomous Region

The present cooperation between Umno and Pas has seemingly infected certain members of Pas, says P Ramakrishnan.

It is baffling that Pas has someone like this as a central committee member.

If a person like him who is not capable of thinking rationally can be elected into the central committee, it doesn’t speak well for those who elected him.

If it appears that our country sometimes behaves like the mediaeval times, it is no wonder because, as believed by many, shallow-minded people are in a position of influence who corrupt the minds of simple people with their illogical pronouncements.

Mokhtar Senik, the Pas central committee member, forewarned the Muslims of Malaysia that they would suffer the same fate of the minority Uighur Muslim community in China if non-Muslims are left to run the country.

This confused person foolishly says, “I’m reminded of fellow Muslims in China. They are prohibited from fasting and exercising their religion. Hope my fellow Muslims in Malaysia will take heed.”

According to him, “That is the fate this country may face if political power is given to the kafir (infidels), no matter what kind of infidel they are,” he said in a Facebook post.

What a comparison. Where is the comparison?

Is it possible for the Muslims who constitute an overwhelming majority in Malaysia to suffer the so-called fate of the minority Uighur community in China? Will it ever happen?

The wellbeing of the Muslims in Malaysia is guaranteed under the Federal Constitution. That provision will not disappear from the Constitution.

Then what is this fear that this confused person is speaking about?

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The administration of this country is in the hands of the Malays. The security of this nation is largely dependent on the Malays. Places and position in every aspect of our lives are dominated by the Malays. How could this change without the consent of the Malays?

The elected representatives from Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s party are 100% Malays; the elected representatives of Mohd Sabu’s party are 100% Malays; Anwar Ibrahim’s party representatives are largely Malays and even the DAP has a few Malay representatives.

The sheer number of elected representatives of the Pakatan Harapan in Parliament constitutes a huge Malay base. If this does not allay the so-called fears of this Pas man, then he is truly confused about the reality in Malaysia.

If the fortunes of Malays are to be reversed, it will also require the support of both the Umno and Pas representatives in Parliament. Will they opt for a non-Malay government?

Like some in Umno, this confused Pas person talks about the so-called DAP dominated and controlled Pakatan Harapan government.

How could 42 DAP members of Parliament control and dominate a Parliament that has 222 elected representatives? It just does not make sense. But this man seems to think otherwise.

His reference to the non-Malays as kafir is offensive, repulsive and outrageous to the non-Muslims. Non-Muslims are not adherents of the Muslim faith – but that does not make them infidels. They have their own faith and religion. In their own way, they are also believers,

Indonesia to their great credit and wisdom recently forbade the use of the term kafir to refer to non-Muslim Indonesians. We can learn something from them about tolerance, accommodation, respect for the other and acceptance of non-Muslims as citizens with rights guaranteed by the Constitution to “all persons the freedom of worship, each according to his/her own religion or belief”.

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The present cooperation between Umno and Pas has seemingly infected certain members of Pas, Mokhtar Senik being one of them.

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