For Mahathir, a second bite as PM, but same problems exist


BFM’s Khoo Hsu Chuang interviews Malaysia’s 94-year-old Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir fields questions on the ailing economy and currency, bumiputera privileges and the social contract, the wealth gap and its redistribution policies, race-based politics, the succession plan to Anwar Ibrahim, speculation of a cabinet reshuffle, the role of government-linked companies, Daim Zainuddin, Zakir Naik, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary and … what he discovered when he drank from the Fountain of Youth.

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12 Nov 2019 4.49pm

What a huge let down. We were all in the rallies fighting for a change.

Zakir Naik shd be sent back to face trial. Instead he’s now a PR.

My letters to Tun has been totally neglected. Is this a leader who cares for ALL Malaysians?

A radical racist criminal had been made a PR. and you’re giving excuses for him.

Najib is still free. Jho is now a Cypriot only because of a weak govt.

Jufazli Shi Ahmad is taking on that task… And getting no help from you

With Jufazli as PM I believe our children and grandchildren will be alright. Radicals are still around but I’m sure he’ll find a way towards a multi-racial Malaysia.

PH el not win the next election for obvious reasons.

Chris Chen Ling
20 Sep 2019 2.58am

at 94

Perumal Kali
19 Sep 2019 9.53pm

This time the second bite without teeth so we assume as we are the supporter of Govt.of the day.Digestion of facts has to go through the mill.The mill is misinterpreting the facts as the cooking destroyed all the vitamins except for Vitamin R 1 &R 2 ie.race not the100 metres sprint but the questionable race card.R 2 is the rel.ZN card who is a fanatic,I mean a man who can influence the Islamic world without the hello over his head…

Chow Siew Cheong
20 Sep 2019 2.13am
Reply to  Perumal Kali

Perumal Kali Talking about teeth reminds of the ancient Indian proverb about leopards losing teeth but not spots. But there is also the vintage Malay proverb that when a tiger dies leaving its stripes while a man dies leaving his name. Whether it is a leopard or tiger situation still remains hazy…pun intended.

Yok Foo Looi
19 Sep 2019 7.37pm

The gomen have stuck some racist ideas and change the perception at large problem is not of public it is the decision to change the perception of rakyat!

Theres Chin
19 Sep 2019 11.22pm
Reply to  Yok Foo Looi

Yok Foo Looi no, the problem is the racism of one man. Malaysia WILL flourish IF he overcomes HIS racism.

Happy Yen
19 Sep 2019 7.05pm

Can this be the reason why GOD let TDM live so long? The Holy Quran Al-Nahl 16:70.

Davis Tan
19 Sep 2019 9.32pm
Reply to  Happy Yen

Science and money does.

Yeh Chen Tan
19 Sep 2019 7.26pm

With 22 years experience … as a PM, this old guy has not learn a thing about his many past mistakes. We’re now 94 years behind Singapore and 23 years behind Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. A tragic era for Malaysians because of a few power greedy ex and current leaders of Umno.

Richard Ng Ting Woong
19 Sep 2019 6.47pm

Probably worse

Sugu SK
19 Sep 2019 6.15pm

No changes but going worse, bantuan for rakyat is discreasing

Brutus Balan
19 Sep 2019 6.06pm

Time for Anwar.

Daniel Chan
19 Sep 2019 5.24pm

The one glaring problem he has. He’s never wrong therefore he has no opportunity to improve and learn.

Taren Chi
19 Sep 2019 5.34pm
Reply to  Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan precisely

Jann Mak
20 Sep 2019 7.25am
Reply to  Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan
..addition….he never thought he’s wrong…

Keat Lee
19 Sep 2019 5.12pm

He was given 22 years to lord over Malaysia and he failed to lift the country in terms of software development. He left behind a trail of failed projects costing the country billion of Ringgits e.g. Perwaja, Proton, Siltera, the Multimedia Supercorridor and the like. He undermined the supremacy of the Federal Constitution through his numerous constitutional amendments. He weakened the rule of law when he politicised PDRM and emasculated the judiciary. He was the one who pushed Najib to be the PM of the country with disastrous consequences and I don’t believe he have much to offer the country in terms of leadership and vision.

Taren Chi
19 Sep 2019 5.35pm
Reply to  Keat Lee

Keat Lee not forgetting MAS

Lim Heng Hin
19 Sep 2019 6.08pm
Reply to  Keat Lee

The country is destroyed. Hopefully, it won’t go beyond savaging as the days go on.

Loganathan Jambunadan
19 Sep 2019 6.24pm
Reply to  Keat Lee

Keat Lee Well said 👍👌

Cee Tee
19 Sep 2019 5.02pm

For Msians, a second bite as PM, he has failed miserably except his many activities for his self-glorification. Instead of improving, he has made it worst with endemic corruption still lurking at every level all over. Bottomline, this man has zero leadership skills but plays his blame game & likes u-turns.

Chew Kb
19 Sep 2019 6.04pm
Reply to  Cee Tee

Cee Tee he has no shame too.

Cee Tee
19 Sep 2019 6.05pm
Reply to  Cee Tee

Chew Kb muka tebal, thicker than Great Wall Of China.