1MDB: Dissecting one of the world’s biggest financial scandals


This video from Offshore Alert looks at the extraordinary allegations of multi-billion ringgit fraud and corruption involving 1Malaysia Development Berhad, which is controlled by the Malaysian government and was set up ostensibly to facilitate long-term economic investment for the country through global partnerships and promoting foreign direct investment.

THEME: Asset Recovery, Bribery and Corruption

Thomas Ajamie, Managing Partner, Ajamie LLP (Houston)
Louis Burke, Founder, Louis F Burke P.C. (New York)

Recorded Live on 2 May 2017 at the 15th Annual OffshoreAlert North American Conference on Financial Intelligence & Investigations, The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, Miami Beach, FL

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22 Comments on "1MDB: Dissecting one of the world’s biggest financial scandals"

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Let the Truth prevail, and it won’t take long cos the Almighty God from above is watching. Those criminals would not have good endings, after all they can’t bring anything with them when they died. But sadly is the Nation n it’s citizens are suffering.


Hallo bros….

Relax2 laaa….Jangan kasi itu orang semua panic laa…

Nanti kalau diaorang lari masuk lubang cacing macamana mau cari???

Chandran sukumaran

So much being said about the country, yet MO1, PDRM and AG keeping quiet. Sue them lah!


There are abundance of evidence of thievery in 1MDB.In the first place 1MDB was set up to (allegedly) steal the country’s money by this bunch of greedy unscrupulous thieves.

Every right minded Malaysians is aware how the PM has abused his powers…


stop calling him J Lo!

Ir. Azli

This is a public embarrassment & humiliation to MO1, MO1 wify, MO1 StepSon, MO1 BFF and all MO1 supporting criminal characters.

MO1 must defend all the criminal characters mentioned and act now to clear their criminal character.

Otherwise, best for MO1, MO1 wify, MO1 StepSon and MO1 BFF to holiday in US and preach their “Money Is King” philosophy to these lawyers.

Alan Young

T Aziz obviously is a running … & will say anything just to protect his master. Truth cannot be hidden for long.


oh Malaysia, Land of Glory, can create miracle on evil issue

Tunku Abdul Aziz

Since when have we come under US legal jurisdiction? Allegations remain mere allegations unless backed bu irrefutable evidence. Where is the evidence? The US D of Justice is acting on complaints made by certain hostile elements. I am surprised Aliran is inviting people to help circulate unsubstantiated foreign news.

Najib ma

You are useless like the rest in BN

Malaysian Voter

Singapore, one of the country with strongest rule of law in the world had already successfully prosecuted, jailed and fined individuals, financial institutions of illegally laundering money and assisted in the movements of funds to benefit certain individuals. It has already been shown in a very detailed manner how funds originated from 1MDB being channeled to benefit certain individual/parties. Why hasn’t any action taken to individuals involved in Malaysia despite all the admission of guilt by those charged in Singapore? Malaysians are not stupid. Once the charges are made in the courts in Malaysia, all details will be revealed and someone obviously didn’t want that to happen it will then show that transactions will lead back to them as the original mastermind of the 1MDB debacle….

Mohamad Abdul Malik

Since when has the US DOJ too come under our jurisdiction? They are only taking steps to enforce their own laws according to their own regulations and procedures. They are taking court action to seize assets they alleged were bought using stolen 1MDB monies which flowed through their financial system. But they have not accused anybody in our Government as being involved – at least at this stage of their actions. So why are the Government and some of our leaders so panicky on those lawful actions by them, in their own country and according to their own laws? Why are some of our leaders condemning and accusing them of trying to overthrow our nations when they were only enforcing their own laws and regulations. You should do well to advise the Government to submit an official protest to the US about the unwanted ‘interference and trying to overthrow a democratically elected Government’, instead of recycling stale arguments defending the indefensible.


This is international news and investigations already uncovered so much evidence in many countries. Yet you are in denial. It’s unbelievable; Are you the Tunku Aziz who set up the local chapter of Transparency International ?


is the money worth it? Do you sleep well at night?

chan cheok onn

u.s laws infringed.it is u.s prerogative to take actions against those who broke their laws.it is very unlikely the doj will act without solid evidence.

Vaanathy Dhillon

Think it us very transparent to the global community.. .but ignorance prevails in Malaysia.. .


T A Aziz must be crazy not to accept the allegations showing the money trail on a 251 page civil suit legal document for asset recovery as per US laws showing how 1MDB money were used to buy assets in the US soil. If Malaysia remain silent it will blow up … soon or later …. The Us is closing on us – Malaysia.


You are useless.

Lau Chengkeat

The US is just trying to be polite. Remember how they went to Panama to arrest it’s President General Noreiga for money laundering etc. He just died in the US prison!


If the US can enter South to arrest Noriega, invade Afghanistan and then Iraq and also enter the military compound of Pakistan to kill Bin Laden, we Malaysian’s must be careful. Those who commit crime in the US soil better own up and stand trial or we may face severe consequences….

chan cheok onn

the first thing to do is quickly return all the items bought by stolen money to the doj.it may be too late to do so if delayed.history and events have proven those whom the us go after do not have good endings.