Our kings are the fountainhead of justice

Raja Nazrin

Our kings have sworn to protect us, not protect Umno leaders or Umno, says Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz.

Raja Nazrin
HRH Raja Nazrin

HRH Raja Nazrin one day gave a talk in Singapore.

One Singaporean attendee asked him two questions: Dr Nazrin (he holds a PhD from Harvard), (1) what is the future of the monarchy in Malaysia, and (2) how have they played the role of constitutional monarchs in Malaysia.

Dr Nazrin, as he was referred to then, answered: Since you asked two questions, I shall answer the second one first. The position of the Malay rulers as constitutional monarchs is well laid out in the Malaysian constitution. Unfortunately, there are some among the monarchs who behaved like absolute rulers.

From there I can answer the first question. The future of the monarchy in Malaysia depends on the conduct and performance of the rulers.

He then continued: I remember as a kid, I heard the same question answered by our venerable Tunku Abdu Rahman, himself a scion of the Kedah Royal House. Tunku said the same thing- the future of the monarchy depends on their conduct. Otherwise, I am afraid we will have Raja Kelawar and Raja Lekok eventually. Otherwise, we will have only the King of Hearts and King of Spades.

I hope our Malay rulers heed the voice of the majority who don’t have the courage to say things openly. Maybe they don’t like to hear this – but not a few rejected the idea that their destiny depends on the Malay rulers.

Our kings are the fountainhead of Justice. Our kings have sworn to protect us, not protect Umno leaders or Umno. Do not allow the government of imperial Najib to use the Sedition Act to subjugate the people. In this internet age, no one can be silenced.

The police should remain professional and be implementers of civil peace and executioner of just laws. They should not be a willing and compliant participant to the oppression carried out by a bewildered government led by a not-so-clever PM.

One day, a group of oil and gas engineers met up in a meeting. The group included foreign engineers.

The chairman of the meeting announced, “We are pleased to announce that our colleague from Malaysia, Mr Najib, is also here. But please don’t worry – this is the clever Najib.”

The feudal-minded among the Malays should accept this. Ours is a constitutional monarch. No one is asking for the abolition of the monarchy. When we created a special court for them, we acknowledged both their shortcomings and exalted stature and that is why we created a special court for them. I don’t have to lecture these people on the meaning of the concept of constitutional monarch.

Those of us who believe firmly in limited monarchy are not at all intimidated by the congregation of people in Selangor pompously proclaiming their undying loyalty to the king. That is their business and their own funeral. They want to be absolute royalists, let them be. The rest of us are contented with just being constitutional monarchists, but loyal nevertheless.

We won’t hold anything against you for being zombied out and believing that non-compliance with a royal decree means durhaka. The concept of durhaka has no meaning in law – it is not a crime. It had meaning only under the regime of absolute monarchs during whose time, people of a similar line of thinking, like the ones congregating to proclaim their undying loyalty, ingratiating themselves to absolute rulers to suppress the toiling masses. Those days are gone, my friend.

Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz is the member of parliament for Raub

Source: sakmongkol.blogspot.com

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29 Sep 2014 6.17am

The old phrase “the King can do no wrong” is perhaps a good starting point for those who claim to know everything about the constitution.

The question of migration is irrelevant in this context. Whats conveniently not mentioned is Robert Kuok’s decision to return to Malaysia as his home.

98% of those who migrate from Malaysia to the “better world’s” fare no better than they would have staying at home. Thats the best barometer of the truth of their complaints against Malaysia.

A large number of them go first to Singapore. The paradise of the south east Asian Chinese. They then discover (if they have not already) that 38% of Singapore’s population is foreign born.

The 38% they replace are those who have themselves migrated from the ruthlessly inflexible money worshipping enclave of Chinese …

Migration is as old as mankind. It is not necessarily true that people migrate because of political repression. They migrate for better opportunities and perceptions of the grass being greener on the other side. And thats not always true

Chandran Sukumaran
Chandran Sukumaran
22 Sep 2014 5.35am

Well said by HRH Dr.Nazrin. (Is) their code of conduct … breached(?)

… and the common citizen is tongue tied.

21 Sep 2014 1.54pm

From the events that are taking place, first in Perak now in Selangor, why do we need to have elections to begin with ? Also why do we have political parties? … just pass a legislation that the dorkys from Umno shall be the administrators of this country forever. Not that these dorkys (from Umno) are not trying their very best to do so now. They are already as a minority elected regime through gerrymandering, running the country. What will happen next when even these deceits fail ? One piece of advice to all the (minorities) in Malaysia, take the advice of the home minister immigrate to other countries if you are not satisfied instead of asking all the (minorities) to ‘balik kampong’. Just leave the ingrates to run and administer Malaysia without the skills and the finances of the (minorities) for a further few more years on their own. No questions of what will happen. Already with so many millions (minorities) skillful and professionals who have immigrated in the last few decades, especially since the repugnant Mahathir became the PM, Already the dire situations have… Read more »