Public backlash after “Listen! Listen!” bullying during students’ indoctrination

A university students’ indoctrination session, thinly disguised as a forum, went horribly wrong for the organisers who did not expect the furious and at times creative backlash when a video clip of the event was posted on Youtube.

Sharifah Bawani Listen Listen

During the session, a plucky law student from the floor, K S Bawani, turned the tables on the organisers when she defended Bersih’s legitimacy and raised the uncomfortable question as to why Malaysia is unable to provide free education to students.

The response from the emcee, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin, clearly smacked of bullying and intimidation though the student tried to stand her ground. This is the original clip of the session:

Outraged Malaysians have struck back in creative ways.

This is Namewee’s take of what happened:

And this is a hilarious ‘dance remix’ that is going viral:

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30 Jan 2013 1.40pm

our education system is in drains as Education Ministers makes overnight policies which are wasting our tax payers money but only brainwashing students to believe what they think they should believe in. It is high time the nation should fight for educations changes and make our students to dare to question and think. And educationist should allow changes by making teachers and those teaching to go for interview every 5 years to check on their mental , emotional and education progress before raising their salaries if not we will have morons who preach rather than teach to produce another lot of coconuts in our country. We do not want Yes masters we want why, how, what and where following Blooms Taxonomy which our educations system has put tons of money to teach and still teaching teachers of all levels to make student think …….sad enough it is only theory not in practice.

26 Jan 2013 8.36am

All this stupidity and the government just lets it go.

T Venthan Nalathamby
T Venthan Nalathamby
16 Jan 2013 8.08pm

Utter shameful it is happening in our universities. Where have our education gone. Sad day for education and a’ great day’ for the UUM for allowing it.

Mohan Geetha
16 Jan 2013 2.04pm

I like the music. Its quite catchy.