GE13: Have you noticed any irregularities?

According to the EC, BN won a simple majority of seats in Parliament despite numerous allegations of electoral fraud.

As soon as the results were announced, Najib pleaded: “Please accept the results”.

We should wait for credible explanations from the EC before accepting any results.

Please comment on any irregularities you have noticed and the place where it took place.

The struggle for justice goes on! 

People first, Democracy Now!

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8 May 2013 11.12am

Must be a illiterate who put his/her inked finger print on one of the candidates slot. The other was blank and yet the EC officer said it was a reject.

8 May 2013 1.06am

My mum in law voted without her IC

Mary Frances
Mary Frances
7 May 2013 12.25pm

I voted at Sekolah Sri Kelana SS5B. Was in the queue from 8.15am till my turn came around 10am. One irregularity was the clerk folded the ballot slip (into four!) before handing to me. I did not protest because I was more concerned about getting the ink to dry on my finger. Thankfully when I checked there were no markings on it.
I believe it is not the clerk’s job to fold the ballot paper – more so when we have been told to check it before marking. Perhaps she was not trained well.

Ong Eu Soon
7 May 2013 12.57am

How can a person with a stack of beand new IC allowed to apply for borang 10? There should be a limit for a person to vote on behalf of others. The incident happened at Sin Jiang Chinese School, Farlim at about 8.30am

kumaraysun suppiah
kumaraysun suppiah
6 May 2013 1.22pm

shouldn’t the total vote count (inclusive of spoilt votes) in each constituency be equal to the voter turnout in that constituency ?

6 May 2013 11.26am

I was a voter in Sekolah Wawasan, Seremban 2, Seremban. I was in stream 2 which was for voters above 55 years old.I and my wife were made to stand in the queue, in the hot sun, from 8.00 till 11.00am until we voted. Every one was sweating profusely.Some of them left the queue for various reasons and i was told some fainted in the voting hall. Other streams were moving fast. Whether this was deliberate or not i do not know. Hope this does not happen again

Ong Eu Soon
7 May 2013 1.07am
Reply to  Shan

This is what i call overzealous reaction from voters. I purposely waited til the last hour to vote. Not a single soul, all empty, no queue.

7 May 2013 11.23am
Reply to  Ong Eu Soon

I used to vote in the late afternoons in the previous elections.
We were encouraged to vote early so that phantom voters would not vote in our place. There have been reported cases of voters complaining that others have voted on their behalf. Anyway the main reason is the incompetence of the EC.There were so many EC staff sitting idle but doing nothing to alleviate the problem.