Fat Leonard and the Malaysian Navy


If the US Navy can fall victim to such a scam, our government must immediately investigate if our Navy faced a similar fate. says Steven Sim.

Fat Leonard
Fat Leonard

On 25 November, I debated the Defence Ministry’s 2014 budget in the Parliament. One of the key issues I highlighted was the link between Fat Leonard and our Royal Malaysian Navy.

For the uninitiated, Fat Leonard or his real name, Glenn Francis Leonard, is currently facing charges in the USA on a corruption scandal involving senior US Navy officers. His company Glenn Defence Marine Asia (GDMA) was awarded about US$200m (RM640m) worth of Navy contracts since 2011 and Fat Leonard was suspected of bribing senior Navy officers to win the contracts.

Upon investigation, I discovered that the Royal Malaysian Navy is also a client of GDMA. If the US Navy can fall victim to such scam, our government must immediately investigate if our Navy faced a similar fate. This is not merely a simple case of corruption, it also potentially involves breaches in military activities and secrets as was revealed in the case of the US Navy.

All dealings with GDMA must be suspended pending a full and thorough investigation.

Steven Sim is the Member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam

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  1. For the fatty to do what he has done is just because he has learnt all of these corrupt practices in Malaysia and he is only trying to do what he has learnt ! Except of course unfortunately he tried to apply them in a country that doesn’t and cannot accept such practices and even considered them to be criminal acts. Only in Malaysia can these acts have become to be accepted as normal practices !


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