Why should PN be concerned with the pact among PH and its allies?

PN would be better off sticking to its role as a responsible opposition, providing checks and balances on the PH-led government

Leaders of PH, BN, GPS, GRS and Warisan sign an MoU - ANWAR IBRAHIM OFFICIAL/FACEBOOK

When a cross-section of like-minded political allies cement a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on whatever parameters they have mutually agreed on, it should be left to MPs from the bloc to either comply with the agreed terms or be guided by their conscience in matters of national importance.

Whether or not the MoU is lawful is not for the Perikatan Nasional opposition to question for the simple reason they are outsiders to the equation. They do not have the locus standi (legal standing) to question or object to the MoU as it is a mutually agreed document among the Pakatan Harapan coalition and its allies.

An MoU is simply a declaration of intent of broad terms of considerations between the parties involved – even if its terms may be deemed null and void, ie not permissible by operation of law.

I believe that, to mount a challenge against such an MoU, one has to be an aggrieved party to it.

PN has no locus standi to even question the MoU among the consenting political parties. So it should refrain from seeking cheap political mileage from the matter.

To me, the MOU entered between PH and its allies is more inclined towards preserving political stability – unlike the situation with Mahiaddin Yasin’s backdoor government, following the Sheraton political coup.

So PN would be better off sticking to its role as a responsible opposition, providing checks and balances on the PH-led government rather than cherry-picking on non-issues such as the consensual MoU among PH and its allies.

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K Veeriah, a longtime Aliran contributor, has been a trade union industrial relations officer, involved mainly in collective bargaining and handling trade disputes, since 1978. He has also served as secretary of the Penang division of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress since 1991, after stints on the MTUC's national executive committee and general council
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