Why do we let Pas get away with such divisive remarks?

Cartoon: Zunar

JD Lovrenciear is alarmed by some of the remarks made by certain leaders in the Islamic party.

Ultra-theocratic political party Pas has once again ruffled the socio-political scene in Malaysia with divisive politicking.

This time its about a Pas delegate, the vice-chief of the party’s women’s wing, wanting to do away with vernacular schools in the country – and her right to speak was defended by a party central committee member.

Yet we choose to close one eye or settle for a “Aiya, let them say whatever they want-lah.”

Mind you, this is not the first time that Pas leaders have spewed divisive remarks.

Earlier this year, another Pas leader even dared to openly declare that only Muslims should lead the country, regardless of their wickedness. He claimed that believers would end up in hell if led by non-Muslims.

 Gosh. And yet we let all this dangerous poison flood the hearts and minds of folks all over the country. We let such divisive remarks be planted through the various other communication tentacles of the political party.

Many netizens have expressed their shock and disbelief that in this day of modernity we still continue to let politicians further undermine inter-ethnic and inter-religious stability in the country.

The Pakatan Harapan government cannot pretend to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Otherwise, we are inviting serious crises in the near future and it will be too late and erode peace, progress and prosperity for all Malaysians.

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SNaidu, Dr.
SNaidu, Dr.
30 Jun 2019 2.50pm

Tok guru Aziz Kelantan, i believe,one of the early Pas MBs, was exemplary. ‘Educate’ PAS and its members on what he stood for, for the future of OUR nation, together.We cannot procrastinate any longer for reasons of short-term political gains. The backlash can be most debilitating for the nation. EDN is a long process, as the capable people in OUR NEW govt well know….

SNaidu, Dr.
SNaidu, Dr.
30 Jun 2019 2.42pm

Tks JD. It is urgently imperative today the NEW govt go on an ‘education’ programme to bring truth to PAS members and others in OUR nation. They need to learn that the universe holds only ONE force-God,for ALL. At the least, as it was in days of yore, it IS THIS govt’s god-given duty to ‘educate’ all Msns to respect all faiths, and its followers. We know the corruption and materialistic life styles of PAS, UMNO guys,andothers. Get Msns to see this, and the harm PAS is doing to their own children, by sowing divisiveness on basis of religion. Msns need to know know what is happening around the world. Economies can suffer, children cannot be fed. Educate Msns, the young on the beauty of ‘give and take’, care and sharing.We depend on NEW GOVT.