Who bled the nation’s coffers dry? That is the real issue

Ibrahim Ali - Photograph: pribumiperkasa.com

So much corruption implicating so-called guardians of race and religion. Yet, hardly a squeak by the self-appointed racial champions, points out Sharp Observer.

I was totally flabbergasted by the main focus of the irrelevant and widely ignored Perkasa meeting earlier this month.

Yes, maybe there is a disproportionately high number of Indian Malaysians in the cabinet, as Perkasa has pointed out.

Maybe Wathyamoorthy said something 11 years ago which he might regret now.

Maybe his initial reaction after the Seafield criminal riot – upon being told that a group of Indians had allegedly attacked another group – could have been toned down.

But is this what is blighting Malaysia now?

No, what is blighting Malaysia now is that funds meant for the wellbeing of the people, including the Malays, were siphoned off by those who were appointed to safeguard these funds. And guess what, how many of those guardians were ‘Indians’?

Based on the charges filed by the authorities in the courts, billions of ringgit have been lost either through incompetence or corruption. Who were the real culprits in these major scandals?

Why was there not a squeak from Perkasa considering that those billions lost could have been used to build better schools, houses and hospitals. That money could also have been used for scholarships for the rural folks.

Land in Kuala Lumpur was sold in complicated deals – land which could have been used for low-cost housing.

Even the pilgrims fund, Tabung Haji, which manages savings by Muslims for their trips to the Holy Land, did not escape the grubby hands of the corrupt and greedy. Various individuals are being investigated.

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So much corruption by the so-called guardians of race and religion. Yet, hardly a squeak by this self-appointed fellow who supposedly has “resigned” as the rakyat did not support his group’s struggle.

But these are merely attention-seeking stunts by an irrelevant politician who has passed his sell-by date; so it is best the police just ignore him.  Better concentrate police resources on hunting down criminals and corrupt individuals.

Those who are responsible for stealing billions, which could have been used for the improve the quality of life of Malaysians, including the Malays, should be the focus of public derision. It is better to organise protests on this than to waste time on non-issues such as the rally to oppose the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

Sharp Observer is the pseudonym of regular follower of Aliran.

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Rajan Subramaniam

Aliran, do you think any of this clowns care… They hv accumulated enough… Now just create (trouble) and shout rasial slurs…

Steven TP Lau

It’s because most of them are racists!!

Sharon Bakar


Lim Heng Hin

This bigot has got his brain literally reversed sitting in his “tenggorak”. GOD’s masterpiece of creation to jolt us to the right path. Hallelujah!

Richard Ng Ting Woong

I know this rascal is going to say DAP

Richard Ooi

katak tak tau pakai otak utk buat perutusan …tapi repek saja

Mages Vari

Street man loves demo without actual facts, most hated.


Like what bersih did before

Laihun Ong

Hello… Three fingers are pointing back at you.


Tu … gemuk jho low lagi besar penipu

Bidin Lotot

Takyah lah Braim!cakap berdegar degar…

Pat XieXie

Last year this (political) frog almost (politically) dead for good. Looks like this year ada new budget dah active balik! Wonder who’s backing him – old flame or honey?


Also right now, apart from politically sensationalised race and religion issues,other issues such as the resignation of UMNO MPs and their later joining one of the Pakatan parties, the reasons for the resignation of Nurul from PKR party posts, speculation over the lunch meetings by Nurul, Rafizi and Khairy and so forth have pushed 1MDB into the background in people’s minds, especially when alleged culprits have been charged in court and Malaysia is suing Goldman Sachs over bond fraud and so forth, so since actions are being taken over 1MDB, the public’s interest shifts to other issues, perhaps until the trails of those charged begin next year.


There’s much more to Malaysia’s national debt than 1MDB.

This infographic by EDGE Markets based upon a breakdown of Malaysia’s national debt issued by the Finance Ministry after GE14, shows that the RM38 billion in debt due to 1MDB and which comes under “government guarantees”, comprises less than 5% of the RM1 trillion total national debt, including federal government debt, guarantees and lease payment commitments.


So even if that RM38 billion due to 1MDB, or even RM42 billion as other say, is recovered, still there’s much more debt which the Finance Ministry has to try and reduce.

Some of it may be due to corruption and some due to operations.

RJ Manecksha

Forgive him.
He never knew the economy and social problems this country faced.
His concern was race and religion whatever.

Kam Chee Ng

Don’t use racial issue to make you like a hero,if you don’t want You and all Malaysian collapse please stop playing racial issue to make you like a Malay hero

Mathew Mathen

It’s like Corruption is an accepted practice (well it’s the nations coffers so what?) but race and religious issues are not!

Yong Tan

You don’t know who dried up the coffers? 🤣🤣🤣

Fami Isa

Horribly servicing major debts, for God knows how long

Inderjit Singh

Just ignore this … Racist …