When parliamentary convention is followed, our Agong’s task will be simpler!

It would be a democratic solution and would be supported by all and sundry

Our Agong is trying his best to come to a fair and just decision.

It is an onerous task. He had already met the two prime ministers-in-waiting. Serious discussions would have taken place. Unfortunately, no decision could be made.

The Agong is now going to meet all the 30 elected Barisan Nasional MPs to determine which of the two claimants has the most appeal to form the next government. This is a tedious responsibility taking too much of the Agong’s time.

From the data available, it is going to be very close. No one group, on its own, can muster 112 MPs to claim a simple majority. It is going to be a very tight race.

With the greatest respect and humility, I would like to propose we follow the traditional parliamentary convention and appoint the leader whose party has the most seats. Going by all counts, including the electoral result, Anwar Ibrahim seems to be the one enjoying the most electoral support and deserves to be considered for appointment as the next PM to lead the country.

When the first parliamentary sitting takes place, a vote of confidence must be tabled. At this session, Anwar can either be confirmed as the duly elected PM or he can be dismissed – in which case Mahiaddin Yasin should bid to be appointed as the next PM. At this stage, Mahiaddin would be accepted as the next person in line to succeed Anwar, though this may not be a requirement.

This is how we should overcome this problem. It would be a democratic solution and would be supported by all and sundry.

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While it may be a suggestion to consider that both Pakatan Harapan and Perikatan Nasional form a joint government, this will not fulfil the expressed sentiments of the most number of voters, who wanted PH to be the government. It may not be prudent to bring two opposing sides together to govern our beloved country. Any such move will create more dissension and disputes, with the potential to cause instability. It will not work, and any hint of instability may prove detrimental to the value of ringgit and to our desired economic recovery, given the parlous state of our federal government debt today compared with our position at Merdeka.

According to a huge electoral majority of Malaysians, the parliamentary convention is the answer to this present predicament and a solution to bring this to an end. An ongoing petition calling for Anwar to be appointed as PM has 267,066 Malaysians supporting it as of now.

I remain confident that with goodwill on all sides, Malaysia shall prevail.

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