When demands outweigh contributions towards Anwar’s unity government

Let's be reasonable and not rush just so we can prove Anwar failed quickly


Hardly days into the top job, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is already being bombarded with endless demands, requests, expectations and warnings

The various quarters responsible for this cannot be wholly blamed for airing their expectations and conveying an endless stream of what Anwar needs to do to set the nation right. 

After all, seeing the new prime minister as the panacea for all the wrongs committed over these past decades, people naturally would ask for so much more. 

Meanwhile, politicians hoping or having expressed their readiness to work with the new PM and his Pakatan Harapan coalition, in the best interest of the country, are also asking for many things or at least hoping to be in the PM’s list of new ministerial and high-level appointments. 

Perhaps we should all pause and reflect on the famous quote by US President John F Kennedy. The late president, in his inaugural address, inspired children and adults to see the importance of civic action and public service. Those historic words – “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” – challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good.

Likewise, whilst we may have a shopping basket of all the things we think need to be prioritised for the new PM to deliver, we should also ask ourselves what we, as groups and individuals, can do for Anwar so that he gains momentum in delivering on his promises. 

We the people must provide solutions through suggestions that can make a difference. We have a collaborative role to play in enabling the PM to carry out the many tasks that are essential to stabilise, cleanse and propel the nation forward. 

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Whether we are in the civil service or operate in the private sector, we need to be ready to make sacrifices and make an effort while maintaining a feel-good disposition. 

The electorate who voted for Anwar or PH must know that their commitment to build the nation with their chosen, able leader has just begun, now that the dust from the general election has settled. 

The politicians who chose to join PH to form the unity government must realise that there is no trading or trade-offs here. They have a moral obligation to support the PM’s choice of ministerial appointments and not demand or plot a boycott. 

Those who voted for any other coalition or individual must realise that the post-election scenario should not be about derailing the incoming government but about working with the new government. 

Working with the new government does not mean being a hypocrite. It calls for a keen sense of responsibility and commitment to nation-building. 

Do not oppose just to weaken or derail Anwar but oppose to strengthen policies and advancements for the good of the nation. 

Hence, we must all now ask, what do we need to do for our country now that we already have a promising, intelligent, committed and determined leader in the nation’s driver’s seat?

Let’s be reasonable and not rush just so we can prove Anwar failed quickly.

The nation has been saddled with decades of failed policies and questionable leaders and politicians, and this cannot be undone in a whiz. 

All decisions made by the new cabinet – which must be lean, efficient and free of baggage – deserve our participatory role. 

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At the very least, we need to demonstrate the virtue of patience. 

Only then can we succeed as a nation.

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1 Dec 2022 4.52am

Well said, JD. Thanks.