What has happened to the Malaysian dream?

Photograph: Geralt/Pixabay

It is sad to see what is happening to the country, JD Lovrenciear writes.

Despite the still ongoing coronavirus pandemic, more turmoil has rocked the Malaysian political scene.

A political coup toppled a democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government amid the global coronavirus outbreak. 

And then, as the country experienced a potential second wave, the Sabah State Assembly was dissolved to pre-empt another backdoor takeover, paving the way for a state election. 

Such shocking political manoeuvres suggest a serious political battle is taking place while health and safety concerns appear to take second place.  

Ordinary people see themselves helplessly caught up in all this political plotting and jostling while businesses suffer and job losses mount. 

The cost of living is hitting the ceiling – but who cares. 

Many ordinary citizens had struggled to free themselves from the bondage of the Barisan Nasional’s six-decade-old grip on power. But their hopes have crashed.  

This political turmoil is something that many potential investors will not want to gamble with. The economy is likely to remain stagnant or even turn fragile in a climate of global uncertainty, including unprecedented weather challenges. 

Will Malaysia sink below its neighbours in South East Asia owing to the relentless political battles here? Only time will tell – and it will not be long either, given the unprecedented challenges confronting the world.  

It is sad to see what is happening in Malaysia, due partly to the unabated decades-long plague of corruption, which has seeped through the fabric of society – a nation that once basked in the accolade of being one of the “Asian tigers”.  

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Politi Scheiss
24 Aug 2020 10.04am

These two paragraphs in an article by Clement Stanley explain the decline in values amongst current politicians.

“But it will be the older generation that could make a difference. Some of the older generation still appreciate the leadership of both Harris and Chong. It is likely they are still held in high esteem by such voters.”

“Besides, in all probability, this strata of voters hold little or no respect for the current crop of younger politicians who are sadly lacking in principles and integrity. When you have been brought up appreciative of values, you certainly will have no regard for those lacking in it.”


Politi Scheiss
21 Aug 2020 9.54am

Space here would permit me to adequately reply to your article here, though I have included my commentary on your article and one in similar vein to yours in my blog post below.

“To answer Lovrenciear’s rhetorical question – What has happened to the Malaysian dream? – Well, that dream is gone and our generation may not live to see a new dream, if any, which may emerge in the future. However, for now the rice has turned to porridge, the milk gone rancid and the meat turned putrid.”


loyal malaysian
loyal malaysian
20 Aug 2020 3.35pm

JD, Prema & Carol have written here to ask Malaysians disillusioned to keep the faith, to keep working for a new Malaysia.
You have alluded to the Malaysian dream – at this point in time, I dare say it is dead and gone.
To me, it is not a contradiction – the dream is no more. But I am not giving those dastardly characters a walk in the park, my one vote is my statement against them, even as I believe PH minus will be losers in GE15.

23 Aug 2020 10.41pm

We must not give up despite what happened with the back door tactics. We must bring back PH that we voted for to topple the kleptocrats.