What awaits us in Malaysia: Be prepared for any eventuality

A humanitarian crisis could loom over our skyline eventually, if we neglect food security and climate change

Let's not neglect food security

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The crises (mind you, not one) escalating abroad are bound to affect us in Malaysia – and in no small way. 

We are already paying a premium for a string of items whether or not we admit it.

Our nation, which heavily relies on imports, will face enormous challenges because of rising operational costs in the food supply chain.

A future humanitarian crisis may not be a far-fetched scenario.

We are already buckling under a rice shortage and have peddled the idea of switching to cassava. 

Our strong reliance on foreign investment leaves us exposed to unpredictable geopolitical events.

A nation that chased after fast profits with a construction frenzy can be brought to its knees quickly in a downturn.

Though we are now feeling the heat literally, we are ill-informed about the longer-term impact of climate change.

Flash floods and water shortages do not interest many of us. Instead, we focus on issues that hurt ‘sensitivities’ going by the recent controversies over socks, shoes and prayer mats. 

From motor vehicle spare parts to food-related items, the prices of many items have already climbed alarmingly. 

Although the bloated civil service received cash handouts and salary revisions recently, those in the private sector did not receive the same temporary relief.

In any case, such reliefs do not solve the demand-supply chain issues we have faced.

Add to this the divide-and-rule political mantra that refuses to change.

So, a humanitarian crisis could loom over our skyline eventually, especially if we neglect food security and climate change.

Do we then turn to the West or to the East for help when we get grounded? Who will be our saviour then? The US, Russia, China or Saudi Arabia?

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This write-up is not meant to sow pessimism or alarm. It is about our collective failure so far to be prepared for any eventuality.

A nation unprepared is a nation trapped in a potential humanitarian crisis. And that could be worse than any crisis we have ever experienced.

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21 Apr 2024 7.44am

It is time that law makers are held accountable, we have been taken for granted for more than 6 decades. We must change!

Paul Lim
Paul Lim
21 Apr 2024 12.35am

Never knew that the food security situation was that bad. The self-sufficiency of the Malayan days has gone a long time ago while its northern neighbours continue to export rice which Malaysia depends. Trade-off between food security to industrialisation. Still remember the rice-fields of Penang giving way to factories and today to high-rises. Any way to convert palm oil plantations into rice-fields?? Ha! Ha! but food security is an issue world-wide. Where I am now in Europe the aim is 25% of land must be organic framing by 2030 which is unachievable it looks like it. Not just for good health but to decrease dependence on fertilisers which mainly comes from Russia, the issue of retiring farmers and encouraging young people to go into farmin

20 Apr 2024 2.43pm

We, kampong people, tanam ubi already. You bandar people lah will get in trouble. No land to tanam ubi. Hehehe! You are right though, that the madani govt likes to dwell on 3R issues, instead of focusing and doing something about the economy. As we see it, all these sensitive issues were started by the people in the madani govt or their supporters. Aliran, go la lecture direct to PM. Why write long lecture here….???

Alibaba Chiam
Alibaba Chiam
20 Apr 2024 11.49am

U very good😇👍standby economy crash