Vote in new government to recover frozen money-laundered funds overseas

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If all these funds and assets stashed overseas can be claimed and returned to us, we would be in a better position to abolish GST and subsidise food, healthcare and housing for the poor, writes Tota.

The Alliance/Barisan Nasional (BN) government has ruled the country for six decades. This makes it the longest-serving ruling party still in power in the democratic world – excluding of course the Workers Party in North Korea (since 1948) and the Communist Party of China (since 1949).

In 2009, Japanese voters broke the long, almost continuous, hold of the Liberal Democrats since 1955. In 1977, voters in India ousted the Indian National Congress, which had ruled the country for three decades since independence in 1947.

The BN has become utterly corrupt and inefficient. It is time for change.

There are many reasons why Malaysians should vote for Pakatan Harapan. Unlike Umno-dominated BN, it has a wealth of intelligent and talented people most of whom are principled patriots, devoted and dedicated to good governance in accordance with the rule of law and the Constitution.

There is another good reason to vote in a new government. A great deal of money was siphoned off from 1MDB and laundered in the US, Switzerland and Singapore. The US Department of Justice has frozen the bank accounts of the culprits and confiscated their bungalows, flats and apartments.

Then, there are the royalties from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street and the RM1bn 300-foot luxury yacht believed to belong to Jho Low and bought with money allegedly stolen from 1MDB. The yacht itself was confiscated in the waters off Bali.

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So billions of ringgit of money and assets allegedly diverted from 1MDB are being recovered by these foreign governments. Much of this money is likely to be held in trust on behalf of the people of Malaysia – to be returned to us when we have a government that can be trusted.

The BN government refuses to admit that the money and assets belong to Malaysia. Of course, MO1 and gang will not lay claim to the funds and assets because that would be tantamount to admitting that the funds were siphoned off from 1MDB and laundered overseas!

If all these funds and assets stashed overseas can be claimed and returned to us, we would be in a better position to abolish GST and subsidise food, healthcare and housing for the poor. In fact, the money and the income earned in monthly rentals from property overseas and interest from funds recovered can go some way in helping a new government to establish a welfare society.

So my dear Malaysians, vote in a new government which can bring back the frozen money and assets from overseas so that it can be used for the development and progress of the country. –

Tota, short for Theatre Of The Absurd, is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to our Thinking Allowed section.

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Noor Azlen
8 May 2018 9.56pm

Fix the education quality first la

Rachel Thong
8 May 2018 10.18am