Umno-Pas, please bury your toxic racial and religious strategies


We cannot go on with such a political strategy as it is eroding the spirit of building national unity and bringing people together, writes JD Lovrenciear.

If anyone proclaims love for Malaysia, he or she should realise there is absolutely no room to keep harping on race-based or religion-laced politics.

Umno and Pas leaders keep harping on the very sentiments that appear to be driving a chasm between the various ethnic groups and along religious lines.

This must stop. We cannot go on with such a political strategy as it is eroding the spirit of building national unity and bringing people together. Upholding democracy and human rights does not mean that one can promote divisiveness and disunity and get away with impunity.

To protect the democratic rights enshrined in our Constitution, we have to stop all this politicking along racial and religious lines. Even to argue that one is protecting the rights of one race against another would be detrimental to peace. Instead we should be protecting all Malaysians irrespective of ancestral origins and religious beliefs.

Likewise to keep harping that one’s religion is under threat is diabolical. We should be stressing the importance of harmony, which is needed to strengthen everyone’s respective beliefs.

We have celebrated over six decades of independence. It is time for all politicians to help the people to come together in celebration of our differences in harmony.

Despite so many thinkers, writers and leaders of civil society groups pleading through the various media that racial and religious discord should be banished from our political landscape, there seems to be no concerted effort to do something positive. Instead we have politicians from Umno-Pas harping on issues that could erode national unity.

If we cannot stop all these divisive strategies that are used so frequently and without any regard for the consequences, we are going to be weakened further as a nation at a time when we face formidble economic and social challenges in a borderless world. Then it will be too late to mend the broken vase: progress, peace, solidarity and development are all at stake.

Will the Pakatan Harapan government please do something to counter the voices of discord and division?

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Tengku Mohamed Fauzi
Tengku Mohamed Fauzi

Dear Mr. Lovrenciear—-Non Malay politicians should also realize the divisiveness created by vernacular schools. They should aspire for their abolition to create a truly united Malaysian society. Even if UMNO-PAS politicians are to stop harping on race and Islam—-if vernacular schools are not abolished—-the national unity as you call it will continue to be eroded. This is the sacrifice that is needed from the non-Malay Malaysians to be taken up and stressed by non UMNO-PAS politicians too in the absolute interest of our nation’s future. If not our shout for non race/religious based politics will sound hollow and pretentious.