Umno is dead – RoS must bury it!

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No double standards must exist. There are no other provisions in the Umno constitution to keep it alive, writes P Ramakrishnan.

Umno exists leaderless and structure-less! Branches have not held their meetings and elections in keeping with its constitution.

The same goes for the divisions. They have not met and elected their leaders. As a result, it follows that the Supreme Council leaders could not be elected as provided for in the Umno constitution.

Umno was eligible for one postponement for the election of its leaders at all levels – branch, division and national. The decision to postpone was made in accordance with its constitution on 26 June 2015. And so, the elections were postponed by 18 months from 16 October 2016 to 19 April 2018.

But elections were not conducted within the extended 18-month period. This non-observance of its constitution has rendered Umno formless and leaderless. In the circumstances, at law, Umno does not exist as a lawful entity. After 19 April 2018, Umno had ceased to exist. To put it in another way, Umno is dead!

Any other party among the ranks of the Opposition in a similar situation would have spurred the Registrar of Societies to act immediately. The RoS would have thrown the rule book at the defaulting opposition party and deregistered it summarily.

The rules guiding and governing political parties are the same. In accordance with the rule of law, the law must be applied equally and neutrally; in short, without any bias. Similarly, no double standards must exist. There are no other provisions in the Umno constitution to keep it alive.

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The rule of law declares Umno dead. Now the RoS must act according to the law and bury it by deregistering it!

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14 May 2018 10.56am

No more race-based politics please, else we’ll be back to square one. National economic development should be a level playing field for those who are qualified, of good character, mentally, emotionally mature and ready to take responsibility, to be accountable, transparent and stand up for what is right. The way some race-based organisations have behaved is akin to gangsters / hooligans who think they are born entitled by race, by favour or by high connection but not on the basis of merits. The core of inequality is when one thinks they have more privilege than the next Malaysian. Respect is earned. By that I mean respect from ALL Malaysians, regardless of colour or creed.

8 May 2018 4.20pm

Afte the dust has settled post GE 14 …when the new government is installed..
will we the RAKYAT witness a new dawn
where the powers that be…will have the political will to correct all these injustices and bring to book all those that are implemented…. or will asunder be conviently wiped under the carpet of convenience…..GOD BLESS MALAYSIA

Lee cheng san
Lee cheng san
8 May 2018 10.23am

ROS was not given permission to act against UMNO, unlike Pakatan