Ukraine and Nato not a security threat to Russia

China should use its friendship with “no limits” with Russia to push for a stop to the killings in Ukraine


by Ch’ng Chin Yeow

The unwillingness of Nato to use its military to defend Ukraine has proven to Russia and China that Nato and Ukraine are never a security threat to Russia.

This has proven wrong the very justification that Russian President Vladimir Putin has used to invade Ukraine.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has contravened the UN Charter – of which both Russia and Ukraine are signatories – which protects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all member states –

Putin’s premeditated invasion of Ukraine for security reasons not only threatens the identical security concerns of Ukraine; he is actually carrying out the act of annihilating Ukraine.

The war crimes allegedly committed by Russia include bombing hospitals and residential areas, and killing and trapping civilians in bombed cities – with no safe place to seek shelter, sometimes with no escape route and no access to stable food and water supply.

That Ukraine and Nato are not a threat to Russia should spur China to use its friendship with “no limits” with Russia to immediately push for a stop to the killings and the annihilation of Ukraine. The people and animals in Ukraine are suffering under Putin’s brutal air assaults with cities turned into war-torn wastelands.

Malaysians should stand in solidarity with Ukraine victims, who are suffering at the hands of Putin, to push for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of the Russian military.

The Malaysian government should be vocal and use its position as a UN member state and its diplomatic channel with Beijing to convey the message that Ukraine and Nato are not a security threat to Russia.

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The message is clear: Nato’s unwillingness to use its military to defend Ukraine is proof that Ukraine and Nato are not a security threat to Russia.

Ch’ng Chin Yeow has an interest in many issues and subjects, including history, mineralogy and human behaviour. Based in Penang, he truly likes to be a busybody

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Xervexc Zymycur
Xervexc Zymycur
19 Apr 2022 10.55am

I think this article is useless. Just because NATO refuses to defend Ukraine, does it mean that NATO will not defend Ukraine of Ukraine joins NATO? This is totally no logic to the writer’s argument. If NATO does not defend Ukraine when Ukraine is aember of NATO, what is the use of Urainke joining NATO then? Just for fun? Just to pay the upkeep cost for a useless organisation?

YP Wong
YP Wong
2 Apr 2022 2.01pm

This is so disappointing from Aliran putting post that is not reflecting the reality. Russia’s invasion is wrong, period. But to say NATO is not a threat to Russia is just plain ignorance of the facts on the ground and stretching the reality too far into fantasy land.

“The message is clear: Nato’s unwillingness to use its military to defend Ukraine is proof that Ukraine and Nato are not a security threat to Russia.” <– the most stupidest argument that I have ever heard regarding world politics. By the same argument, Russia is not a threat to EU or NATO countries, so why NATO exists at all. Just the opposite, Russia had been attacked by European countries many time in the past.

Joshua C
Joshua C
30 Mar 2022 9.17pm

You seem to be geopolitically deaf and blind to come to such a simplistic view of the
Ukrainian issue. Do you even have the slightest knowledge of the historical role and provocation from the US and NATO leading up to forcing Russia to carry out this special military operation in Ukraine? This is not a “full invasion” as what the western warmongers’ propaganda would like you to think. Look beyond the mainstream media to seek out real news on the ground. Visit channels like the Duran, New Atlas, Geopolitics in Conflict, Alex Mercouris, just to name a few, to stay informed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Joshua C
YP Wong
YP Wong
2 Apr 2022 2.02pm
Reply to  Joshua C

Very disappointing coming from Aliran with a motto “Thinking Allowed”, may as well changed it to “Thinking Allowed, But We have A Right Not To think”.