To progress, Malaysia must purge corruption, reform political funding

Cartoon by Zunar

Politicians cannot serve the people with full integrity if they are entangled in a web of business interests, JD Lovrenciear writes.

It is clear that a political career cannot have any private or party business interests if we want to sustain a democratically progressive nation.

For a long time, political funding in Malaysia was intertwined with business interests that were symbiotically fused with government contracts.

This has led to serious allegations of fraud, criminal charges and abuse of the nation’s wealth.

The fact that Malaysia is now labelled as a kleptocratic nation globally attests to how far downhill we have slid.

Defections from parties appear to be hinged on a what’s-in-it-for-me syndrome.

Despite all the talk about disclosure of politicians’ personal and family assets, corruption allegations involving billions of ringgit, the unashamed flaunting of the trappings of wealth ranging from a cache of jewellery to glittering holidays – we continue to swirl in a pool of hardship and hopelessness.

As the Perikatan Nasional bandwagon struggles to keep its coup-advantage on safer ground, we have seen how political interests and loyalty are secured.

For as long as political funding, business interests and personal greed are the determinants of political power, a nation will risk eroding its wealth.

We have enough examples around the world where people reel in abject poverty owing to the decades of plunder that thrived on corrupt practices and personal greed.

Any amount of oppressive laws to stifle social displeasure will further ruin a nation, especially given the post Covid-19 economic slowdown.

Malaysia will lose out even more in this new world order as long as there is no reformation of our political system, as long as we go against the grain of democracy and its demands for progressive social development.

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Politicians cannot serve the people with full integrity if they are entangled in a web of business interests.

We cannot grow in maturity in political thinking if unethical political funding is the ultimate passport to power.

Our nation risks structural damage if we do not purge the political system that now thrives on personal business interests, rent-seeking, a political funding machinery that taps into the wealth of the nation, and personal greed.

Patriotism demands that we eradicate this cancer in our midst.

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6 Aug 2020 9.04pm

It is so disheartening to see a duly elected government sabotaged halfway through it’s term mainly because of one old man. He did untold damage to the fabric of our society when he was in power and unwittingly allowed this to continue even when he is no in power. The people feel so powerless and dejected. Will the Sabah election give us any hope?

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
20 Jul 2020 11.32am

A joint venture deal between the state government and the newly formed Royal Pahang Durian Resources (RPDR) corporation saw the lease of more than 5,300 acres of land in the area of Raub awarded to the company in a contract that an opposition lawmaker said would disenfranchise local farmers.

Does this Pahang example indicate creation of new high remuneration packages positions to cater to rising demands of other politicians for posts at State level in line with many politicians being appointed to Government Agencies and GLCs?


Be safe Bless all Be wise and Manage Funds during the new COVID 19 NORMAL.

Hakimi Abdul Jabar
13 Jul 2020 12.59pm

Under the Federal Constitution & constitutional conventions, a mandate is the authority granted by a constituency to act as its representative. Elections, especially ones with a large margin of victory, and are often said to give the newly elected government or elected representative an implicit mandate to put into effect certain policies.

The Electoral Mandate conferred by citizens of Malaysia upon the Pakatan Harapan & Warisan Coalition-Manifesto in the 2018 GE have been derailed & hijacked and thus, clearly defeated the effect of implementing elected manifesto policies.

Hakimi Abdul Jabar
13 Jul 2020 12.44pm

As a member of Aliran, I’ll continue to vote for Harapan in the next GE etc. PH was doing a good job till it was deliberately derailed from purging.

Song peehoa
Song peehoa
13 Jul 2020 6.43am

People who are are political leaders have an opportunity to serve the public so should not barter their morality for material gains and awards.. Their character remain unblemished and become a true benefactor of the people. Whatever projects implemented will be sucessful. Not otherwise

Teo Chuen Tick
13 Jul 2020 6.20am

The sad fact of the matter, JD , is that patriotism in our country is now a vulgar word.
The patriotism demanded by this backdoor government is that we citizens accept its immoral actions – using money and position to groom and grow frogs in the government to hold on to power.

So, JD, how can the cancer be eradicated from our midst?
Yes, this is a rather critical take of our backdoor government but events since it grabbed power have shown a return to the ‘cash is king’ culture even as the backdoor PM is not shameless as to openly declare it like Najib.