The Mahathir miracle for Malaysia


At the most critical hour, as citizens precariously drifted with high anxiety in testing times leading up to the general election and its aftermath, this man put national interest above personal gain, writes JD Lovernciear.

The outpouring of well wishes on the occasion of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s 93rd birthday celebration attests to how much Malaysians are indebted to this nonagenarian.

Indeed, it is more than a world record to have one man step forward and take on the reins of leadership for our beloved country. Despite all the doubts and aspersions some quarters held, the doctor has returned to help prescribe and heal a badly battered nation.

And he has just turned 93. Indeed Malaysians remain inspired as can be gauged from the talk of the town these days: “If Tun can return to work at 93, all the more we retirees should step on our pedals too.” Even young people are taking life seriously as can be deduced by their conversations.

Truly Malaysia is blessed. At the most critical hour, as citizens precariously drifted with high anxiety in testing times leading up to the general election and its aftermath, this man put national interest above personal gain.

He has set a high benchmark for all of us especially for every politician worth his or her salt and for true leaders in all segments of human endeavour. Even for us ordinary citizens, Mahathir has set a real example of how to become more productive. What more can we ask?

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Those who are bent on still finding kinks in his armour should re-examine Mahathir more closely. The media interview with him and his devoted wife on their birthdays speaks volumes of this man’s noble human values. Let’s not look at the stain without taking in the whole white canvas in context.

As we celebrate Tun’s birthday, we cherish this miracle. God bless Mahathir and thanks too to his family for standing by this man’s determined loyalty to citizens and nation ~ a dedication that can only be borne out of love above self.

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PolitiScheiss (a.k.a. IT.Scheiss)

Correction: – And now Aliran praises Mahathir to the skies.

PolitiScheiss (a.k.a. IT.Scheiss)

Wasn’t it during Mahathir’s earlier 22 years as Malaysia’s prime minister that Aliran was forced to not publish some of its editions and was harassed by government bodies?

And now Mahathir praises Mahathir to the skies.

Having read articles on Aliran both before and after GE14 and after having commented on several of them quite regularly, I find articles on this site being very much about intellectuals and professionals writing about matters and topics which are of little interest to the majority of voters out there, especially rural and semi-rural voters most of whom who most probably do not read Aliran anyway.

Andrew W
Andrew W

If AI could put aside the past for the common good, why can’t we ? We could beat TM for his past….or move forward with TM/AI to build better Malaysia. We have two choices…..we could only take one, which one you choose ?