The fate and folly of Najib, Rosmah and company


Whenever those entrusted to lead by serving the people fail to live up to expectations, fate has a way of catching up on them, writes JD Lovrenciear.

As the ousted Najib Razak sat in the dock and Rosmah Mansor made her presence felt in the courthouse, the fall of the Umno empire was on the minds of many.

Najib’s sympathisers and all those who benefited during his term in office may scream that they are victims of a witch-hunt.

But few can argue that corruption, extravagance, greed and self-interest – at the expense of good governance – foiled Umno’s plan to remain in power beyond six decades. For those who are now forced to account for their actions as they are hauled up one after another, it is not what their horoscopes had forecast. On the contrary, Umno’s fate today was of one man’s making.

Let what we are witnessing be a warning to politicians and parties that pledge to remain loyal to the people – and to business and professional circles as well. In this always-connected age of reason, there is nowhere to hide.

The price is high. Some might claim that the court of public opinion is not a reflection of justice. But public perception does shape outcomes.

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Perceptions are real; they are rooted in the life experiences of people including villains and victims. Whenever those entrusted to lead by serving the people fail to live up to public expectations, they must know that fate has a way of catching up with them some day and holding them to account.

Let Umno, its coalition partners and all those who screamed their battle cry be reminded that there is no turning back the clock on the new Malaysia, being built on the back of the aspirations of the people, who have little tolerance for the follies of the past.

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Robert Chan

James Madison said
“All men in power must be distrusted ”
There must be limitation of tenure
After tenure, leaders must be examined

Bill Peter

We don’t yet know the full scope of their “folly”, but I trust that their fate will match it, including for murder, if evidence is found.


All this najib clan are all ********. What happen to his son drinking RED WINE. Can he drink WINE. No HARAM(?) Where does he get the money from?. Further more with girl in hotel and no HARAM(?) … Najib family ask your father. ARE YOU really nice guy….


“UMNO’s fate today was of one man’s making.” This over-emphasizes the man and totally ignores his context and thus hinders societal learning. The weakening of government institutions by UMNO as well as the party’s internal rot had become systemic even under Mahathir. Abdullah failed to stop it and Najib would surely also fail if he had tried. Najib is more a product of the party than the other way around.


May Najib, Wife & his family fight in peace to clear their name is can………Unfortunately many countries have already found him guilty years ago. Just imagine what will be the status of Malaysia if Najib & his UMNO Cronies had won GE14.