Tabung Harapan: Where are all the billionaires’ donations?


While contributions are voluntary, surely those for whom a few million ringgit is pocket change should be a wee bit generous, writes Sharp Observer.

I am flabbergasted to read that our Tabung Harapan (Hope Fund) has barely reached RM100m.

Where are the contributions from the entrepreneurs and billionaires who have made billions from projects and concessions in Malaysia funded by taxpayers? Surely they are morally bound to share some of their profits to repay our nations humongous debts that they may have benefited from in the first place.

While contributions are voluntary and no one should be forced, surely those for whom a few million ringgit is pocket change should be a wee bit generous.

On the other hand, can state governments and federal/state government-linked companies stop contributing to this Tabung. If these companies have extra funds, they should just pay dividends to the government so that it can be used to repay the debts. No need to donate when the money is not theirs.

State governments donating? Seriously? Most of them get allocations from the federal government so what are they donating for? Just donating back the money they have received from the federal government? Ridiculous.

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Probably they already donated big time before the GE 14 with the hope on the already dead Blue Horse winning………

Teo Chuen Tick

Ask not what the nation can do for you but rather , what you can do for the nation.
Yes, if more billionaires and millionaires rakyat are to donate to the Tabung Harapan generously, the amount in its till may be more.
But who are we to demand others to do their part – it is , after all, a voluntary initiative!!

Soon Aun Oh

Where is tat idiot named najib…. is he not a ex-pm of malaysia. why is he not contributing to THM.. what story is he going to tell malaysian..hipocrit n liar..


What is he going to donate, the stolen money from the rakyat?

Rajan Subramaniam

There is so many ways to recover and plug the leakage… If its done properly, there should be enough funds…as the donation figures didn’t even hit 100mil, its just shows the sort of people live in Malaysia.. Get practical and get on with the reform task


All the BN & UMNO cronies and all goverment department top officials, Pengarahs property and bank accounts should be investigated and their income tax returns should be rechecked. PH goverment should take back all the ill gotten money and property to pay back the countries debts which is the rakyats debts too.

Nuril Syed Junaidi

Because they pay enough taxes to help the government without having to pay for this aiyo. Pay your taxes and stop complaining about GST already enough to help the national debt la aiyo 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Wengseng Chan

Where are the unmoputras glcs and unmo politicians?

Yong Tan

They are the takers, not the givers!

Billy Joshua Chew

Umno and Bn former MPs should contribute more as they have been earning big cash for these 60 years of their reign..but where are their contributions..