Malaysia can do without Ghani Othman but Malaysians can’t do without Kit Siang!


Kit Siang is a true-blooded Malaysian patriot who has sacrificed his entire life for the good of this nation, says P Ramakrishnan.

lim kit siang

Tomorrow will be a crucial day for Malaysia. It is crucial that a corrupt government be defeated in this momentous GE13. Malaysians must rise to this challenge and create a golden opportunity for all Malaysians.

Tied up with this effort is the fate of Lim Kit Siang. Kit Siang is a true-blooded Malaysian patriot who has sacrificed his entire life for the good of this nation. He has been incarcerated in Kamunting twice unfairly and unjustly but they could not break his spirit or deter him from his pursuit of a just society.

He has stayed the course in spite of many tremendous obstacles. He has criss-crossed the country bringing hope and opportunity for change. He is the epitome of selfless struggle so that Malaysia will attain its place as a truly democratic and incorruptible country among the nations of the world.

This man’s fate and fortune is in the hands of voters in Gelang Patah. The voters here are poised to create history for all of us. Their overwhelming support for Kit Siang will spur the tsunami to lash across the whole of Johor and bring about a new dawn of hope and opportunity for Malaysia and Malaysians.

Malaysia can do without Abdul Ghani Othman. There are thousands of Umno members who can easily take his place and replace him without any loss to this nation. His defeat in the election will not be a shattering event for Malaysia.

But for Kit Siang – and for all Malaysians – his loss in this election will be unthinkable. It would be devastating if Kit Siang were to lose. His loss would be irreplaceable. The energy and dedication that he has brought to this democratic cause can never be emulated by any other. No one can replicate Kit Siang!

It is the prayer of all Malaysians of goodwill that he be elected and returned to Parliament. This may be his last election. Let him, if he has to step down after this election, go in glory with the admiration and affection of all Malaysians.

We owe this to him.

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kimeow koh
5 May 2013 10.48am

God bless our country ! May Kit Siang win the battle at Gelang Patah!We pray that the good will triumph over the evil .

sang kancil
5 May 2013 1.17am

Another Towering Malaysian

4 May 2013 10.52pm

A very well written article. I fully agree with Mr P Ramakrishnan. And I hope to be a happy man tomorrow night.