Mahathir and his mouth


The rakyat are not swallowing meekly all that Mahathir is spewing out. But he seems to go on and on and on like a broken record, observes gregwar.

Mahathir sprang to Ibrahim Ali's defence -  Photo credit:
Mahathir sprang to Ibrahim Ali’s defence – Photo credit:

Mahathir seems to think that Malaysians are still intellectually backward and unable to read. In today’s Malaysia where one has access to immediate news from the Internet, the rakyat are not easily fooled.

Still, some of his public statements have been downright shocking, leaving the rakyat revolted in disbelief and protest. Every time he opens his mouth these days he seems either to spew out venom or spew out lies and hatred. He is a man of 88 but he has not lost any of his vengeful leanings.

Even after retirement, Mahathir’s speeches have continued to stink of racism and his thoughts seem bizarre for an experienced former head of government. Is he sensationalising just to grab the headlines from Prime Minister Najib Razak or is he rooting for someone else?

Mahathir conned three generations of Malaysians and kept them in check with his various laws to silence them. One would imagine that after having governed the country for 22 years and having enriched many around him, he would be content to rest on his laurels (sic) and spend some quality time with his grandchildren.

But no. One of his latest targets was the venerable Bapa Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Readers will perhaps remember Dr Mahathir’s poison letter against Tunku for which Mahathir was kicked out of Umno. Mahathir never forgot that. Lately when Dr M was implicated in the Project IC scandal he said Tunku had done something even worse. He blamed Tunku for granting citizenship to Indians and Chinese at the advent of Independence. Later he implicated his favourite bogeyman, Anwar Ibrahim, saying that it was Anwar who was responsible for the whole of Project IC.

When everyone, including some from the BN, were condemning Ibrahim Ali for advocating the burning of bibles containing the term ‘Allah’, Dr M came to Ibrahim’s defence stating that the Perkasa leader did not mean any malice in his call but was only saying that since those books were supposedly banned, it was all right to burn them.

His latest vitriol is against Ambiga Sreenevasan. Reportedly, he said the government needs to amend the constitution if it wants to strip off the citizenship of lawyers, such as Bersih co-chair Ambiga, who go against the government. Therefore the people must vote in the BN with a two thirds majority. Desperate election stunt?

The rakyat are not swallowing meekly all that Dr M is spewing out. One only has to read the online media comments of readers to understand how fed up and tired we have become of his inane rants both in his blog as well as in the media. Even the son of one his staunch supporters – S Vell Paari, MIC strategist and son of Samy Vellu – let out a tirade against Dr M. But Dr M seems to go on and on and on like a broken record.

gregwar is the pseudonym of an Aliran member based in Penang.

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13 Apr 2013 1.22am

….He is so senile that he thought the public would still believe him like in the 80’s.Zaid Ibrahim is right that he wants to destroy this country to avert his charges.

1MSIA1 (@sonofmalaysia)
10 Apr 2013 10.06pm

That … from Kedah=> “m a/l kutty”(m son of kutty who hails from india) knows his days are marked hence he will do all sorts and never shut is mouth to delay that doomsday. Well, the saying goes – empty vessels makes th emost noise! FYI,he has single handedly(as minister of education) made me lost my Grade-1 MCE in 1975 due to must have credit in BM and had eroded my so many chances for university and even polytechnic(during that time only 1 uni and 1 polytech) and I had end up a odd job labourer! I had to live through his era and Anwar’s era too. Hopefully all people here will vote for CHANGE/UBAH and let the next 5 years make a mark of positive change and eradicate all those cronies with wrong politics agenda and let the new bloods rule the nation for the sake of nation building and not back-stabbing each other or pocketing millions by sacrifying the people(rakyat)… 5 years is not long and also not short but it does make a minor become an adult and an adult become an oldman/woman!… Read more »

Simon G
Simon G
9 Apr 2013 8.18pm

I honestly think that Malaysia will be a better place once this … drop off the perch.

17 Feb 2013 11.00am

This man will keep talking even his whole body is dead. Now,you know why he talks like that,cause is no more him,but possessed by devil.

12 Feb 2013 6.31pm

the title should b Mahatir and his lies

kumara nair
kumara nair
12 Feb 2013 4.19pm

Freeze his assets including his families” and then see what happens!But who will bell the cat?The Judiciary?The Bar Council?The answer is GE13!

12 Feb 2013 12.23pm

No need to change constitution la.

Just vote PR into power and let the law take its course. I am sure many bee-end leaders will loose their freedom and occupy their rightful places in Sg Buloh.

This is even better than stripping them of their citizenship and letting them enjoy themselves overseas with their ill-gotten gains

loh siew ling
loh siew ling
12 Feb 2013 9.24am

Our mouth is the dirtiest part of our body next to our rear end but Mahathir’s mouth is dirtiest part of his body. Every time he opens his mouth, only filth, racism, lies, venom,hatred and anger pours out. He was a closet racist and an extremist but now when cornered he longer sees it fit to hide his racism and fundamental and extremist Islamic beliefs.

12 Feb 2013 10.10am
Reply to  loh siew ling

I am glad that you agree with me. Every time I read his “pronouncements” (I wonder why I read) I get so worked up that he gets away with so much. The government in power can’t seem to keep him in check.

12 Feb 2013 10.45am
Reply to  loh siew ling

Somebody need to invent pampers for mouth.We can use it on Mahathir when the time comes(after GE13).Pakatan needs his ongoing campaign against BN.

najib manaukau
12 Feb 2013 8.46am

If anyone who wants to know what this man… the shenanigan Mahathir just go and open the sewage tank. Whatever smell you get out of it, is exactly the same as whenever the shenanigan opens his mouth. It smells exactly like the sewage tank when you open one. Nothing good or decent will ever come up out it, period. It is now slowly reveals how he had remained as P.M. for 22 years, not because he was popular, just the opposite he … manipulated his way to stay on as P.M.. He did all that to get himself the time to enrich … those around him. … At the same time he did that for his cronies not because he was a generous man but just to silence them. Most of all, he is a very very vengeful man even at his age now, just imagine what kind of a man when he was a more energetic and younger man especially so when he was the king of all he surveyed. It was indeed a very shambolic 22 years for Malaysia and should therefore be erased… Read more »

10 Apr 2013 4.28pm
Reply to  najib manaukau

Can we get somebody to stitch-up his foulvomiting mouth.