ET Voters & Killers

Cecil Rajendra penned this poem after a High Court ruled that by virtue of Section 9A of the Election Act 1958, it cannot review, quash or set aside any electoral roll – no matter how flawed – once it has been gazetted.


Politicians in Malaysia do not direct the outcome of trials . . . . there’s no need. Typically, the Judiciary does the Government’s bidding without being asked. A very senior Malaysian Government figure once described Malaysia’s Judiciary to me as a ‘bunch of bloody idiots’. Of course we want them to favour us, he explained, but not to the point where it’s so embarrassing.

– Michael Backman
in ‘Inside Knowledge’.

An electoral roll

is sacred & final . . . .

Once gazetted

it cannot be





set aside

by any

process judicial.

No matter

if the man

is dead


did not exist

is a Martian . . . .

if its name is

on that list

a ghost can vote

so says the High Court.

By the same token

will Judges next

rule – we wonder –

that a ‘murderer’

must be hanged

once sentence is written;

even if his ‘victim’

shows up live & kicking

on the eve of his execution?

When cold print has

more gravitas

than hard fact

Truly, the Law is an Ass!

Cecil Rajendra

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17 Apr 2013 4.48pm

Hahahahaha….so much of the censoring….sigh….? Macam mana nak lawan macam ni???? sigh

17 Apr 2013 5.21pm
Reply to  Kenny

Crude language is deleted.

16 Apr 2013 9.43pm

*Sigh*…I doubt this Malaysian poem writer can do Bahasa Malaysia poem….*sigh*

OK la…I do it for him lah!!!….

Apa kita nak heboh-hebohkan?,
Akta undi mari kita hormatkan,
Tak guna kami demostrasi di tepi jalan,
Buat diri malu macam ….

Jerit Bersih semua pakai kuning,
Buat kacau dan jam kepala pening,
Bila kecoh jangan tipu buat runsing,
Kecoh atau aman lebih penting?.

Asyik dakwa EC kotor dan salah,
Bagai nak cari alasan bila dah kalah,
Kalau takut kalah jangan jerit UBAH,
Buat malu sama emak dan ayah.

Wahai semua pengundi luar negara,
Inilah pengecut buat malu keluarga,
Tanahair sendiri tak nak berkerja,
Lagi tak malu nak jerit ubah sini dan sana.

Yang benci BN mesti jerit “Ini Kali Lah”,
Bila kalah mereka jerit “Lain Kali Lah”,
… ini bagai dijampi si Anwar,

Selepas May 5 yang kian datang,
Jikalau tahu BN parti yang menang,
Harap jangan kecoh para pembangkang,
Tolong jangan lagak bagai …