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It is hard to imagine that a small patch of grass in a public place, decorated with little multi-coloured flags silently speaking its message of unity, could so easily intimidate the powers that be, observes Rakyat Jelata.

bangsar spring flags

A letter to The Herald (‘Letters To the Editor’, 19 May 2013, “Look to P121 constituents for example of peaceful change”) reassured me that solidarity, harmony and peaceful resistance are the most powerful ‘weapons’ we have against threats of violence and imprisonment.

These qualities of gentleness, love, mercy and beauty are capable of instilling fear into those who seek to rule by tyranny, degrading the human spirit and morale by wielding heavy-handed violence.

It is hard to imagine that a small patch of grass in a public place, decorated with little multi-coloured flags silently speaking its message of unity, as the letter writer described, could so easily intimidate the powers that be to such a degree that uniformed units were called out to remove these “unlicensed” “Bangsar Spring” displays, set up by ordinary folk.

What consolation to know the Rakyat posess an arsenal of their own, stocked with the ‘weapons’ of peace, solidarity, fraternity and charity – the Gandhian way of passive resistance that banished colonialism from India forever. It is these that sow the seeds of Hope and Truth into the barren ground of despair and hopelessness, which the powers that be intend to establish to force acceptance of their hold on power.

With the inspiration of “Bangsar Spring”, let us, the Rakyat, sow more seeds of peace, solidarity, harmony and unity with the members of our human race, and cultivate, tend and care for these seedlings with every ounce of love we can give.

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Only in this way will we overcome those who wish to wreck our gardens and fields of peace and harmony. Let us become Farmers of Peace to ready our fields, orchards and gardens for the blossoming of our own “Malaysian Spring”.

Let “Ubah” take root growing into a mighty teak tree, its great sheltering branches of protecting leaves arching over all the land, with roots that run deep into the soil of our native motherland – Malaysia.

Rakyat Jelata is a regular contributor to our Thinking Allowed section.

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