Sungai Kandis voters show the door to ‘Najib-in-the-making’

Lokman Adam - Photograph: Department of Statistics, Malaysia

Few would want to touch Najib with the end of a bargepole, much less a Najib the Second, writes Tota.

What happened to Umno candidate Lokman Noor Adam, who was soundly defeated in the Sungai Kandis by-election?

Before the election, he had said he would be elated to be viewed as following in the footsteps of Najib! He added that he would be glad if voters likened him to a “Najib-in-the-making”.

My well-educated and knowledgeable Malay friend who studies Umno politics said that he would not touch Najib with a bargepole because he is a defeated, discarded and disgraced politician. The nation and his own party have got rid of him, hoping that he would not raise his head again.

But Lokman aspires to be Najib the Second for reasons only he knows. Why would anyone want to take the place of a kleptocrat? Does he think that some Saudi prince will surreptitously deposit RM2.6bn in his bank account? Or some Dubai jeweller will send RM60m worth of jewellery to his wife?

Obviously, the voters of Sungai Kandis shared my friend’s concern and duly despatched Lokman. –

Tota, short for Theatre Of The Absurd, is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to our Thinking Allowed section

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Dr. SNaidu
Dr. SNaidu


Mohammad Azmi Abdul Rahim

Bye ‘ bye!

Stan Lee

I only wish i was blessed with Najib’s wealth..

C Lim
C Lim

His wealth wasn’t ‘blessed’. It was stolen!

Frankie Lim

he was searching for inspiration within umno and found no ones is smarter than najib. who in the world can get donation 2.6b.only najib can. but lokman missed out that only umno accepted and malaysians on the street did not believe.

Lau Chengkeat

One najib is too many for this unfortunate country!

Soon Ho

Making the door to prison

Bi Sheng

…. kleptocrat??

Canaraj Ramamorthy

Stop carying

Wei Anne

BN is still clueless about what happened at GE14.

Mala Kah

Najip wannabe.