Stop the probe on Kit Siang: Telling the truth is NOT a crime!

Did Kit Siang's statement go against the Federal Constitution?

Did Lim Kit Siang miss out on meeting his long-lost 'relatives'?!

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Thinking Malaysians are dumbfounded that the police are going to probe Lim Kit Siang’s hope that it won’t take Malaysia as long as it did for a non-white to become the president of the US. There was a gap of 230 years there.

Kit Siang wasn’t gung-ho in his hope because he was a realist. He readily admitted it would be unlikely that a non-Malay will become prime minister in the next 100 years. “I do not expect this to happen,” he emphasised. Clearly, this is something that won’t happen during his lifetime or that of his children.

He was acutely aware there was no constitutional bar for this to take place. But he was practical enough to accept that it was an impossible dream!

He wasn’t demanding that a non-Malay should be the prime minister of Malaysia anytime soon. He did not set a timeframe for this to happen. When he said this will not happen in the next 100 years, it was a clear admission it was a pipe dream!

So, how could this practical statement ever be construed as provocative?

There must be a basis and a rationale for any investigation. Where is that basis and where is the rationale?

According to Bukit Aman, as quoted by former law minister Zaid Ibrahim, “the DAP leader had touched on constitutional issues.”

What constitutional issues? Did Kit Siang’s statement go against the Federal Constitution?

Bukit Aman, please quote us the relevant provisions of the Constitution he had violated.

Tell us if there is a provision in the Constitution that says a non-Malay cannot become Malaysian PM. I can categorically say there is none!

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Let Bukit Aman refute my statement!

Umno is equally ignorant of the constitutional provision. In an absurd statement, Umno supreme council member Hasmuni Hassan criticised Kit Siang, claiming that his remarks “were hurtful to the Malays”. In what way did this statement hurt the ethnic Malays? Was there an uprising among the Malays to protest against Kit Siang and confirm Hasmuni’s ludicrous claim?

It is ridiculous for Umno and Pas not to realise that the Malays form the majority in this country. Nothing can be overturned without their consent and support.

A non-Malay can only become PM of Malaysia only if the Malays want such a person as their PM – not otherwise! I don’t foresee this ever happening in Malaysia!

The ordinary Malays see this logic very easily and remain unperturbed. They don’t get excited or agitated when there is no reason to be. It is the petty and narrow-minded Malay politicians who are in the minority who stand in the way of harmony and solidarity.

There is neither rhyme nor reason, neither basis nor rationale for Bukit Aman to probe this issue. There is no justification at all. Please drop your unnecessary probe and spend your time going after the corrupt and those who abuse their power. We would be grateful for that.

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Raymond Rayan
Raymond Rayan
17 Dec 2023 9.34am

Don’t waste your time on trivial matters as there are other matters which need urgent attention. like CORRUPTION AMONGST THOSE IN POWER

Raymond Rayan
Raymond Rayan
17 Dec 2023 9.32am

well said