Shameless politicians and religious bigots in our midst

Eliminate bigotry and racism - Photograph by Arnoldus/Pixabay

Hamzah Osman prays that Malaysia will come out victorious from our present crises and begin a new era of peace and compassion.

While Malaysians are under a movement control order to fight the spread of the coronavirus, I would like to share my thoughts on a different topic. It is about us as a people, as human beings and citizens of the world.

There is a saying among the Indians:

A person who has no wealth (money) and doesn’t keep his word (promise), is worthless to his community.

A person who is wealthy but doesn’t keep his or her word is just as useless. People will respect you only for your wealth.

A person who keeps his word and is not wealthy is respectable. This type of person has principles and is God-fearing.

A person who is wealthy and honours his word is a leader who can command respect from his community and the people around him.

A person who is wealthy and honours his word… Does anyone come to mind in the context of Malaysia?

Speaking of honour, two groups come to mind – politicians and religious bigots.

Shameless politicans

The attitude of some politicians is a disaster for our society. One moment, they take an oath of loyalty to serve the country, and the next moment they plot and jump ship and then take an oath again. This is a shameless and destructive group.

Our history books describe how Malaya achieved independence on 31 August 1957. It was a joint effort by the major ethnic groups led by Tunku Abdul Rahman that finally resulted in independence.

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The Federal Constitution is the ultimate document passed in Parliament. This is a document declaring us as citizens of the country as our word of honour. This is the social contract I know of.

But no! There seems to be something else which politicians have whispered from one ear to another. They call it a “social contract” too.

This contract, if you can call it that, was unilateral. It was a political war cry called “ketuanan Melayu” (Malay supremacy), whatever that means.

You call that a contract?

That is why I am against some ignorant politicians who will say something over and over again until their brains accept it as truth. This type of people don’t have honour and dignity and are destructive to our country.

No one seems to correct them. That is why we have some morons who say “balik Cina” and “balik India”. They are the product of a failed education system. Pampered and spoilt.

Religious bigots

Then we have the second bunch of hypocrites who behave as if they are heaven-bound – the religious bigots.

Of course, the silent majority are good souls who preach in good faith and bring pride to the religion. This faithful lot is the glue that binds all people in a multiracial country.

But allowing the bigots to run wild is most unfair as they bring disrepute and shame to our beloved (Islamic) religion. These “under-the-coconut- shell” (blinkered) bigots should be controlled and monitored before they undermine the peace in our beloved land.

These bigots are building a fort where only the like-minded can dwell as though the sun and moon belong to them. They feel others cannot coexist with them.

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Where is the compassion and peace our (Islamic) religion propagates, while we thump our chests and shout until we foam in the mouth?

I am truly saddened by what happened at a Sikh gurdwara in Afghanistan, where 25 Sikh faithful were reportedly killed by Muslim extremists.

At the time of writing, there was deafening silence from Muslims here in our country. No words of sympathy from the so-called peaceful and compassionate Muslims.

I know the Sikhs are compassionate and charitable people, who are always there to give a helping hand during difficult times whether inside or outside Malaysia.

I pray that the good Muslims of Afghanistan will come to their senses and protect the minority Sikhs. Attacking a minority group is no act of bravery or chivalry. What a shame!

Drawing by Wong Soak Koon

On another note, we are facing a difficult time fighting the coronavirus. Our frontline personnel are putting their lives on the line to save us.

I pray that we will come out victorious and begin a new era of peace and compassion. God bless Malaysia!

Hamzah Osman, based in Rawang, taught in a secondary school for 17 years before resigning from the teaching profession in 1997. He then worked in an English daily, where he became foreign news editor and later joined another English daily before retiring

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5 Apr 2020 10.22pm

Hamzah Osman, I enjoyed reading your writings simply because you call a spade a spade. Forthright.

5 Apr 2020 6.49pm

Hamzah you facts is a nail on our current politicians head. Thanks.
Malaysia is such a Blessed beautiful country. Multiple races & religions united in one land praying to their respective Gods asking to bless their family, friends and soil.

Unfortunately Politicians since 1980 embarked into rule, divide and steal under the pretext of Nation building & Ketuanan Melayu. 50 years gone creating Ketuanan Melayu and you still see (many) Malays being (disadvantaged) in its own Ketuanan Melayu. Almost 90% of B40 consist of which race??? Today we are further down the drain being lead by the same political roots of scumbags. The public should … on MPs who jump like frogs…….abounding their party & voters.

Hamzah Osman
Hamzah Osman
6 Apr 2020 8.08am
Reply to  nair

Nair, I agree with you that all these started in 1980 just 10 years after Dasar Ekonomi Baru started. My first posting as a teacher in 1980. Attitudes began to change, arrogance, greed and thr worst thing was discrimination against others started taking root. What we have is a sub standard education sysyem which produces selfish and corrupted leaders.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
4 Apr 2020 10.55am

‘The attitude of some politicians is a disaster for our society. One moment, they take an oath of loyalty to serve the country, and the next moment they plot and jump ship and then take an oath again. This is a shameless and destructive group’.

Then we have the second bunch of hypocrites who behave as though they are heaven-bound – the religious bigots.

Almost all these leaders may be living in luxury at the expense of the ordinary God fearing and Law abiding ordinary citizen

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
4 Apr 2020 10.46am

Some are urging the Authorities to go slow on arresting those violating the MCO saying they will be better off being reprimanded.

MCO is to fight a serious deadly COVID-19 virus as over a million infections worldwide and rising daily as is the current death rate which in some countries is over 11% of those infected and more than two-third of world population is suffering due to varioous measures.