Rafah is in flames

If immediate action is not taken, the only haven that Palestinian civilians have will be reduced to ashes

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By Pravin Periasamy

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has left a lasting image of devastated homes and struggling families in Palestine.

The destruction has caused unimaginable misery and has brought Palestinian mothers to their knees.

The systematic targeting of Palestinians to fulfil ignoble agendas must be strongly opposed.

Don’t reduce UN resolutions to meaningless scraps of papers. The way to help disenfranchised Palestinians is to spark urgent international discussion.

Those who are lobbying for these attacks must be denied the incentive to do so. We need to stop these war hawks by getting UN peacekeeping groups involved or imposing sanctions on them.

The recent Israeli offensive has resulted in devastation in Rafah. Israeli forces bombed a displacement centre housing Palestinian civilians which was designated as a safe zone, killing 45.

Disturbing videos on social media show the horrific reality of the situation in Gaza – burned bodies of children, deceased women and girls, and the devastation of the land.

We can no longer sweep this pressing matter under the rug. Instead, we should highlight it to show our support for those affected and our opposition to these violent acts.

I strongly implore the international community, especially the UN, to come out of their hibernation and take immediate and extensive action. They must press for an immediate ceasefire.

The arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court represent a significant shift in the global order. It puts in the spotlight an issue which has long been neglected – the safety and security of the Palestinians.

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Palestinians now live in appalling conditions in crowded refugee centres and tents. They have also experienced dangerous threats to their health.

Global institutions must urgently provide humanitarian aid and pressure conflicting forces for a resolution.

The situation in Palestine is an injustice that undermines democratic values. It suppresses the Palestinians’ ability to challenge oppressive regimes that resort to unrestrained violence.

The flames in Rafah must be extinguished and the lives of innocent Palestinians must be saved. How much longer must the world bear witness to the unprecedented violence in the Gaza strip? We have played the waiting game, in the hope of a cessation of hostilities, for far too long.

The Israeli military operations have led to Palestinians being forcefully moved into a small area, supposedly a “safe zone” for their protection.

They now face a merciless rampage through that very same “safe zone” – the last place left for refuge.

If immediate action is not taken, the only haven that Palestinian civilians have will be reduced to ashes.

Pravin Periasamy is the networking and partnership director of the Malaysian Philosophy Society.

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