Politicians obsessed with PM succession plan

Who really is behind all this hype and intense speculation on when – or whether – Mahathir will relinquish his position as Prime Minister, wonders JD Lovrenciear.

Much time, energy and patience is being wasted and tested with politicians and the media increasingly focusing on when the current prime minister will step aside and pass the baton to his successor.

That in itself is sending jitters among potential investors while fuelling unnecessary speculation about Anwar Ibrahim not becoming the next leader of the nation.

Does it really make any significant difference whether Dr Mahathir Mohamad relinquishes his leadership role now or two or three years down the road?

After all, is Mahathir not doing much to helm the bunch of inexperienced cabinet ministers given the fact that there are those who never were in the seat of government?

Who really is behind all this hype and intense speculation on when – or whether – Mahathir will relinquish his position as Prime Minister? Why do certain individuals keep insisting he will hand over the baton to Anwar? Why do the ministers in the Pakatan Harapan government keep reminding us that Mahathir will hand over the reins to Anwar?

All this spotlight on Mahathir and Anwar is not doing the nation any good. At some point, the world is going to make comments or react in a manner that will not augur well for all Malaysians. It is time elected leaders cut this unnecessary focus on the succession plan.

It is time we realise that if our politicians cannot throw their weight behind Mahathir and get on with their respective responsibilities in building the “new Malaysia”, the people are going to despair and surely react – like it or not.

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30 Jun 2019 6.09am

There is so much to do in many many areas involving our society. Politicians are given the power. They are in the privileged position to carry out their responsibilities for human being.It is great sacrifice on their part to shoulder the responsibilities. We appreciate that but at the same time they should not disappoint us. It is a honorable duty to serve human kind. They either serve the people diligently or leave the profession.

KLeng Leong
KLeng Leong
29 Jun 2019 10.57pm

If TM is transparent about his succession plan, it will pave the way for smooth transition of power, cut down on speculations and stop internal fighting for power in PKR. It is precisely TM’s ambiguous behaviour and favouring of Azmin that is giving jitters to Anwar and his camp and other component parties in PH.
We have high hopes on TM but after the euphoria of winning the election, he seems to be weary of listening to the opinions of the cabinet and the people and is resorting to his old ways.
He made LGE the Finance minister but took away all the important economic GLCs from the finance ministry and gave to azmin under a new ministry just set up for that.
The lack of political will to push through reforms is the cause of jitters!