Amidst political jostling, people’s rights hang in the balance

We can only hope that the nation comes out of this quagmire more blessed, writes JD Lovrenciear.

In the wake of its political turmoil that has struck Malaysia, the burning question is, who brought this agony upon our beloved nation?

Was this ‘masterstroke’ the work of Dr Mahathir Mohamad or was it the work of Azmin Ali and company?

Or was it a desperate coup attempt by all those politicians caught in the dragnet of court cases and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission investigations?

Or was it one “prime minister-in-waiting” who was responsible?

Analysts will offer various interpretations. But, the truth is, our beloved nation has been compromised and its people betrayed.

After 62 years the people finally saw a beacon of hope in their ‘hope coalition’, Pakatan Harapan.

Today, as we see the remains of an elected government – of the people, for the people and by the people – that hope has faded.

We are in a dangerous, precarious juncture in our nation’s history. In these circumstances, we must remain mindful that this kind of betrayal cannot go unpunished.

As we cling on dearly to our constitutional monarchy, we, the people who had no hand in this debacle, must take upon ourselves the sacrosanct responsibility of saving our nation.

Meanwhile, all eyes are now on one single person – the “interim prime minister“, who has no ministers at this point. Mahathir will and must say his piece.

The people, for their part, must put nation above politicians. We must put the future of our nation above our respective party interests. Are we ready to do our part?

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Right now, the rights of the rakyat hang in the balance when faced with the power of politicians as the nation reaches a crossroads.

As His Majesty sets about to meet all 222 MPs, Malaysians know too well too he is aware of the Rakyat’s rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

The current political scenario can be best described as a nightmare that sees the rights of the Rakyat colliding with the power of politicians.

As politicians try to show us how many supporters they have or how powerful their respective political parties are, the people remain cautious. We are concerned about not only our rights as citizens but also the interests of future generations.

If the people’s rights are protected, the nation will chart a progressive journey. We pray for the best outcome for Malaysia, keeping hope alive in our hearts. It is that very same hope that gave birth to the Pakatan Harapan-led government.

The Agong will no doubt be aware that this turmoil has brought our beloved nation to a near standstill.  While some quarters worry about lost economic opportunities, we need to be mindful that restoring the rights of the Rakyat supersedes all other considerations including the power and interests of politicians.

We can only hope that the nation comes out of this quagmire more blessed. 

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Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
26 Feb 2020 12.05pm

Now the Old Man is now literally a one man show, albeit a dictator, if one can say so! Of course you can say that this was not his doing all along. Our politicians are the cause of that,
not by intention but circumstances.

Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
26 Feb 2020 10.33am

In politics DO PEOPLE HAVE ANY RIGHTS as the most important thing to most politicians may be their interests and power?

People have the choice during elections of selecting who will represnt them and saffeguard their rights and interests and politiicans make many promises [some of which may not be practical] which the voters believe and vote.

Hhistory of many countriesshows that in politics promises are for the gullible where personal interests may take priority over the interests of the people. One example is the remuneration packages [which in some countries may be small] but the perks and privilages may be of much higher vaue in addition to pensions for life after short terms of service.