Parliament couldn’t be more finely balanced than this!

Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

Never before have both government and opposition ranks been so evenly matched, putting Malaysia in uncharted territory. Anil Netto looks at the latest state of play.

Someone asked me this morning whether I knew the current state of our 222-seat Parliament.

So I looked it up (Wikipedia, 30 May 2020), rearranged the figures and then adjusted it for the Sri Gading resignation as deputy minister yesterday (assuming he is joining the Bersatu independents on the Pakatan Harapan side, which isn’t 100% clear and which is a big if) and came up with this table:

Umno 39  
Pas 18  
Muafakat total   57
Bersatu   31
MCA   2
MIC   1
Sarawak – GPS    
PBB 13  
PRS 2  
PDP 2  
SUPP 1  
GPS total
Sabah parties    
PBS   1
Star   1
PBRS   1
PN government   112
Pakatan Harapan    
DAP 42  
PKR 39  
Amanah 11  
PH total   92
Independents (inc Bersatu)   6
Sarawak – PSB   2
Sabah parties:    
Warisan   9
Upko   1
Total opposition   110

I stand corrected. It doesn’t get any closer than this! And it could change in the coming days. Just don’t forget the people’s interests (as opposed to elite, corporate or vested interests) in all this. For starters, reject corruption and nepotism, reject political appointments to government-linked companies, remove compromised leaders, and reject mega-projects that are against the people’s interests, especially the ecologically harmful and financially burdensome ones. Tell us clearly what you stand for.

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In a way, this finely balanced Parliament may be good for the people’s interests – for now. Neither side can ram through projects or bills that do not serve the people’s interests for fear of a revolt within their ranks.

The downside is that the ruling coalition might be tempted to use the arsenal of repressive laws still in the statute books (which PH failed to repeal) to maintain its grip on power. But then again, that might turn public opinion against it ahead of the next general election.

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6 Jun 2020 9.39am

For your info to concern
As I don’t read much about STOP 5G in Malaysia

Dr Jayamohan
Dr Jayamohan
5 Jun 2020 8.29pm

Yes. PN is a racist and religious Extremist government ruling Malaysia now.