Nip it in the bud! Hurling of petrol bombs has no place in Malaysia

These are acts of terror, and they will affect the country's economic climate if not curbed

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Arson attacks aimed at a couple of convenience shops have raised concern in peaceful Malaysia.

Two recent incidents when petrol bombs were hurled at KK Super Mart outlets in Perak and Pahang have rocked social media and fuelled public anger. 

In 2010, a series of similar arson attacks (actually, acts of cowardice) were aimed at places of worship. 

Fortunately, these criminal acts did not result in devastating loss.

But why is there this trend of resorting to hurling crude explosives each time an issue surrounding race or religion is ignited?

Aren’t existing laws in the country prohibitive enough to curb this trend? 

Is the nation teetering dangerously into lawlessness as acts of terror silently emerge?

The people of Malaysia have long held moderate views with the ability to resolve differences through non-violent means.

Resorting to the use of petrol bombs has no place in our nation-building journey since independence. 

Perhaps experts should be commissioned to investigate why we are witnessing the use of crude explosives to register anger and disapproval.

We must nip this trend in the bud; otherwise, such attacks could grow more frequent and widespread if left unchecked or if they are dismissed as isolated attacks.

Given that terrorism, whether state-sponsored or individual acts, is on the rise globally, such arson attacks need serious examination.

These are acts of terror, and they will affect the country’s economic climate if not curbed. If such incidents grow more frequent, the country will be perceived as high risk in the eyes of potential investors.

We need to be extra-sensitive to this trend, given that we are a multi-racial, multi-religious society, where ‘sensitivities’ can be easily exploited not only by scheming politicians but also by opportunists, including enemies of the state. 

The hurling of crude explosives and petrol bombs has no place in Malaysia!

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