The insulting, unfolding drama of Najib and Rosmah

What is worrisome is that their antics are sending a strong signal that they are well protected

Najib and Rosmah - FILE PHOTO

Prisoner Najib Razak continues to insult law-abiding people by pouring endless scorn and streams of suspicion as he relentlessly keeps smearing the Palace of Justice. 

Meanwhile, his wife Rosmah Mansor, who has been marching into the courthouse to be present at her husband’s ongoing 1MDB case, has also insulted Malaysians and set tongues wagging. 

The media have questioned why Najib’s wife is allowed to use the ‘exit’ door at the Kuala Lumpur courts complex. People are asking what is so special about the husband-and-wife team. 

Yes, you cannot fault netizens as they flood social media platforms with cynical jokes, irritated comments and shock over the seeming privileges being enjoyed by a prisoner and his spouse who, by the way, also has corruption cases piled up against her. 

Contempt of court seems not to apply to them. 

Being chauffeured in a premium car and given smart suits for the prisoner is not going down well among the people either. 

Seeing Rosmah strut into the court with the privilege of even using the court’s ‘exit’ passage has angered many, including the usually placid media personnel. 

Prisoner Najib also seems to enjoy easy access to deliver his handwritten messages from behind high security prison walls and have it read out by his daughter at a deliberately planned, critical political party gathering of 3,000 members that has sowed seeds of revolt against a sitting prime minister. 

If this is the way things are going, sooner than we bargained for, we will see gaping holes tearing into the esteem of the Malaysian judiciary. 

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We will certainly also witness the fast erosion of the country’s reputation in the eyes of a closely watching world. 

And ordinary people will then raise a ruckus over all these double standards, casting deeper suspicion on the government of the day, including the Prisons Department and the police. 

What is worrisome is that Najib’s and Rosmah’s antics are already sending a strong signal that they are well protected by the higher-ups and powers that be. 

If patriotism and rule of law are sacrosanct for the country, then we need to stop making our courts look like a circus. 

Stop making the government look like a helpless lapdog. 

And stop the people from being turned into doormats. 

Above all, we need to stop all these antics that will eventually affect the reputation and honour of our rulers. 

To defend our nation and rebuild its good name demands an immediate end to all the antics and dramas of Najib and Rosmah.

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