MACC’s mammoth mission: Where have all the trillions gone?

The anti-corruption body must be given sufficient protection, space and resources for its investigations

Wipe out corruption in Malaysia - BENEDICT LOPEZ/ALIRAN

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By M Santhananaban

It is commendable that the media are giving much prominence to the current work of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

An appropriate acknowledgment of the MACC’s colossal role in combating abuse of office and corruption is long overdue.

Prof Kamal Salih stated over six months ago that had the RM1.8tn mentioned in the Pandora papers not been placed in offshore accounts, Malaysia may have been closer to its Vision 2020 goal.

Emir Research, for its part, estimated that some RM4.5tn had disappeared from our public domain over a 26-year period.

These are stupefying sums of money in a country where even a million ringgit is unimaginable for almost 99% of our population.

The MACC, the media and the government must be supported and strengthened in the work that is being done.

Parliamentarians, in particular, must be seen to be helpful in speaking out against corruption. 

The arduous work of the judiciary in providing fair trials to those accused of wrongdoing must be appreciated as well. 

It is commendable that under the current administration, the MACC is not encountering ‘no-fly zones’ in its work.

A small portion of the people – fewer than 1% – have amassed wealth that does not match their sources of income and the taxes and tithes they have paid.

They must be able to account for their assets if they have lived honestly and honourably. It is not fair to cast aspersions on this small elitist group without giving them an opportunity to explain the sources of their wealth.

The MACC and other enforcement agencies must be given sufficient protection, space and resources to carry out this mammoth mission.

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Dato’ M Santhananaban is a retired ambassador with 45 years of public sector experience 

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.
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Dr SnMn
Dr SnMn
1 Feb 2024 12.43pm

When common morality and spiritual VALUES teach us NOT to be dishonest and bring any form of harm to the individual and the community, it is most depressing that corruption is very rampant in our nation. The EDUCATIOn of the said VALUes needs to be from the home, in SCHOOLs n promoted by nation’s leadership at all times. The present govt.CAN committedly effect and intensify the programs in place, to INSTILL STRICT n FAIR VALUES to life. The principles and RULes implicit in the above NEED to be constantly enforced n monitored by the national leadership.This is so in Singapore, Scandinavian countries I believe. WE need to learn n emulate them, for the GOOD of OUR FUTURE generations.

Orang Ulu
Orang Ulu
31 Jan 2024 2.46pm

Billions were plundered by the crafty …. and his close cronies.

Raymond Rayan
Raymond Rayan
31 Jan 2024 10.30am

MACC must be task to do their investigations without fear or favour so as all the corrupted politicians and businessman who have siphoned of billions of our tax payers monies be brought to justice.
I feel that the laws should be amended so that major corruption cases running into billions be punished swiftly than going to very long court process