Is the call to boycott non-Muslim products dangerous?

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The very logic the call exposes a deep-seated divisive agenda at work, writes JD Lovrenciear.

The call by certain quarters for Malay-Muslims to prioritise buying Muslim-made products is more than just innocent and well-intended.

The campaign began on social media urging those in the Muslim community to boycott products produced by non-Muslims.

This goes against a national endeavour to build this nation together ie all Malaysians regardless of race and religion. Such a call can plant a deep-seated poison in the minds and hearts of country folks, leading to extreme thoughts, feelings and reactions.

The very logic of the call exposes a deep-seated divisive agenda at work, if not one that is laced with extremism.

Logically, where should the Ministry of Health buy its medicines and medical tools from? Do we start looking for only Muslim or bumiputera suppliers?

Where do we go buy all those raw materials from to produce our voluminous school books, office stationery and manufactured goods ranging from noodles to brake oil?

And what will we do with all the poultry farms, vegetable producers, noodle-makers who are non-Muslims?

How about teh tarik and a shot of good coffee or the jam, butter and cheese? And how about cow’s milk? Must it be bred, milked and bottled by a Malay-Muslim?

So is this call a desperate attempt to garner political support or is there more than meets the eye?

Suppose this call gains traction slowly but surely over time, what do we do with all the non-bumiputeras building homes and operating farms and vehicle workshops?

Is it not dangerous to split citizens of a nation with an economic poison that is laced with such racial and religious overtones?

What this boycott is calling for is not only foolish and illogical but dangerous too.

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C.chandra rao
12 Sep 2019 1.08pm

lets not go far with this call. at least 80% of the houses the bumis are staying have been built by chinese or nons. so what are they going to do now. sell and get out of these hses. 80% or more of income tax is paid by chinese. and the money is used to run the country. enough said. such anti race calls, is due to one reason. that is ZN. why cant he be sent back to india, who cares what happens to him there. he is a fugitive. so mahatir favours and harbours such people. wake up u fools.

7 Sep 2019 1.50pm

Unfortunately it’s very sad to say a large numbers of malays in Malaysia don’t understand the difference between Non Muslim produce & halal produce. Its because they have blinded & deafened themselves listening to Uneducated stupid politicians.
Golden Question: Is the Malaysian ringgit notes n coins which the whole nation use for daily activities is Halal?

8 Sep 2019 11.53pm
Reply to  Nair

Does it also mean that they do not want the nons including medical doctors, dentists, nurses and other paramedical workers to offer help when needed? How far will all this go? Really tiring talking about all that. OMG!