Is it true our MPs and ministers are poorly paid?

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Without the public being given data on the full salaries and benefits of members of Parliament and ministers, we remain sceptical they are poorly paid, writes Sharp Observer.

There is a myth going around in the new government that members of Parliament and ministers are underpaid compared to their counterparts in the corporate world and government-linked companies.

The problem is, there is no meaningful data to compare. While there is always ready data for us to compare CEOs’ salaries, as this is a disclosure requirement for statutory accounts, as seen here, there is no comparable data for members of Parliament and ministers – merely anecdotal evidence that they are poorly paid.

Without the public being given data on the full salaries and benefits of members of Parliament and ministers, we remain sceptical they are poorly paid.

MPs get to keep their day jobs; so an MP’s salary is additional. Even a one-term MP gets a pension these days. For example, although the prime minister’s salary is low, the previous prime minister seemed to be getting three pays, as he himself admitted. He had apparently been receiving his MP’s salary, a pension from his position as former Pahang menteri besar apart from his salary as prime minister. Add to that all sort of allowances he may have received as chairman of this board and head of that council… On top of that, all the perks…

The current Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, should also be receiving two lots of ‘pay’, maybe even four. His previous pension from being an MP and prime minister and his current salary as MP and prime minister. As he said in a speech in Penang, for someone in his position as prime minister, everything is paid for; so his salary is mostly unused.

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As for CEOs (if they are also board members) and chairpersons of corporations, they are required to disclose their total remuneration package, which includes salaries, allowances, bonus, fees and benefits-in-kind. It is time for MPs and ministers to be required to disclose annually their total income package.

Then we can decide who is getting more, objectively, instead of through guess work.

Sharp Observer is the pseudonym of regular follower of Aliran.

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Karunagaran Yanasegaran
25 Jul 2018 2.06pm

Poorly paid? Then how they can lead luxury life? Should check before they entered politics & after being politician.

Rachel Thong
25 Jul 2018 10.42am

I guess d Bn mps were overly paid 🙄

Cheah Chachacheah
25 Jul 2018 10.33am

Under BN 99.9% of MPs do not deserve their wages. Today, the whole remuneration package for MPs should be reviewed to reflect the cost of living & reward for excellence in performance. A penalty should be imposed for habitual absentees from parliament sittings too. Your say, folks. 😘

Fami Isa
25 Jul 2018 10.07am

Perhaps they should look to work to improve the average man wages so that it keep up par with countries that pay their MP well.

25 Jul 2018 9.32am

Yes. Convert it to usd our PM only paid 6000 usd. Singapork prime minister?

Pau Kar Liau
25 Jul 2018 9.31am

Yes, they are poorly paid.

25 Jul 2018 8.20am

Poorly paid? Are they doing anything?

Razlan Razali
25 Jul 2018 8.23am

Come on..

You guys serve one term and receive a pension already…. whilst the average govt servant works for nearly 30 years just to receive a small pension

Stephen CH Loh
25 Jul 2018 10.18am
Reply to  Razlan Razali

They forgot the other perks that goes with it !! Laymen like us can’t even dream of !!

Karunagaran Yanasegaran
25 Jul 2018 2.04pm
Reply to  Razlan Razali

Side income ada banyak ma