Infrastructure contracts worth billions of ringgit awarded to China – why?

Graphic: Singapore Straits Times

Why are we giving away so much to one country, which makes no secret about extending its sphere of influence around the world, wonders JD Lovrenciear.

Check out the the multi-billion ringgit contracts awarded to China, which is under one-party-rule.

Ports, natural resources (oil and power) and transport (road, rail and shipping) – these are strategic assets vital to national sovereignty. These are the types of assets that were targeted in world wars.

Now the critical question is, why are we giving away so much to one country, which makes no secret about extending its sphere of influence around the world? This is a question that begs an answer to allay concerns and dispel suspicions among citizens.

How did we end up putting our nation into such a vulnerable state in the future?

Is there no one who would care to explain? No one to ensure that our nation does not end up becoming a colony of China?

Or is Malaysia’s so desperate in its quest for development (and an overly lopsided model of development at that) that it does not matter if China is the main provider?

As citizens who are concerned about the future of this nation, we need answers. We need transparency. We need accountability.

The worst thing is silence. Or sweeping statements cloaked with threats to silence citizens.

No, we need answers before even thinking about any political party or the caretaker prime minister campaign for our votes.

If we lose sight of the big picture looming ahead and instead indulge in grappling and grovelling over the usual racial and religious issues, our nation could suffer in the long run.

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It is time for everyone – professional organisations, retirees, civil servants, unions, professionals, religious communities and their leaders, ordinary citizens – to demand real answers before it is too late.

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