Hypocrisy behind UEC controversy


Sharp Observer tells those turning this into an issue not to pretend that they want interracial harmony – when their own actions are the biggest impediments to interracial unity.

I refer to the brouhaha in relation to the possibility of the current government recognising the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).

In this context I am even more puzzled by Pas’ opposition to the proposal.

Firstly, is Pas a Muslim party or a Malay party? They are apparently confused over the distinction. For a party that fielded a few Chinese candidates in the last election as if they are supportive of Chinese aspirations, why are they now opposing a key backbone of the vernacular Chinese education system in Malaysia? So, Pas just fielded Chinese candidates for the fun of it?

Coming back to the UEC, why so much opposition to the acceptance? Is it because we want to champion the Malay language or is it anti-Chinese stuff? To me, it is just anti-Chinese rhetoric as the A-levels, which is widely accepted in Malaysia now, is conducted in English and is based on a foreign curriculum. Then, of course the tahfiz schools, which use a lot of Arabic, are also accepted in mainstream education.

So why A-levels ‘can’ but UEC ‘cannot’? Is it because a lot of VVIPs send their children to do A-levels or enrol them in international schools? Aren’t we being top-class hypocrites?

If the UEC should not be accepted because “it would affect the unity and harmony between the multiple races in the country”, as Pas puts it, we should also not accept A-levels and prohibit Malaysians from enrolling in international schools as well.

In any case, recognising the UEC would not suddenly result in public universities in Malaysia being filled with Chinese Malaysian UEC students, would it? The breakdown by ethnicity in public universities would probably remain the same as now – as there are only that many places available.

There is no issue with unity and harmony as we already have Chinese, Indians and Malays studying in their respective schools. If we are going to use the excuse of racial harmony and unity, then do we allow other streams in Malaysia such as English, Chinese, Arabic and Indian apart from Malay-medium education?

So to those making this an issue, please don’t pretend that you want interracial harmony when your actions are the biggest impediments to interracial unity. You can’t force unity on people; it must come naturally and voluntarily. But then, what would Pas know about voluntarily, eh?

Sharp Observer is the pseudonym of a regular reader of Aliran and contributor to our Thinking Allowed section.

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13 Aug 2018 3.58pm

Ingatan: Orang Melayu tidak menentang sijil UEC. Yang ditentang ialah sekolah ini enggan menerima silibis Yang dicadangkan kerajaan iaitu.perlu memasukkan pelajaran Bahasa Melayu dan sejarah serta perlu Lulus dengan kredit dalam bahasa Melayu. Pertanyaan : Mengapa sekolah ini enggan mematuhi Akta Pendidikan?

5 Aug 2018 1.32pm

Does it meant that by denying UEC regconisation PAS would ensure better unity in Malaysia ?
UEC is a real “ghost” so evil ?

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
5 Aug 2018 9.23am

Some 20 years ago, Australian Universities already accepted UEC for entry into their graduate programmes. I don’t see if Australian universities can accept UEC, why our own government and universities cannot accept the UEC. Makes no sense, except that it is racially motivated, at the expense of tertiary education for our students.

Khoo Soo Hay
Past Education Counsellor,
Australian and New Zealand Graduates Association of Malaysia,
Penang Branch.

Stella Perera
4 Aug 2018 4.59pm

Hypocrites. We still remember what Najib said about it in their manifesto. He promised UEC will be recognized if BN wins….

Ming Wong
4 Aug 2018 3.29pm

Hypocrites all right.

Jenny Sak
4 Aug 2018 2.53pm

Hitting the nail on the head!

Maureen Tan
4 Aug 2018 10.35am

Yes, it’s all about Malay supremacy and attitudes … enuf said. The attitude by BN n PAS looks and smells really bad and full of hypocrisy.

13 Aug 2018 4.02pm
Reply to  Maureen Tan

Don’t be recialist friend.

Keat Lee
4 Aug 2018 10.02am

It is all about racial supremacy! No?