Election 2022: Media can build hope for the nation

The media agenda should be to present truth to the public so that it can become the building blocks for a breakthrough outcome

Come 19 November, once again Malaysians decide the future of this nation in line with their hopes and aspirations.

That hope can either be shredded or fortified by the media.

In a world of the networked society, the role of the media is even more pivotal in inspiring people to arrive at progressive destinations.

As the general election approaches, some politicians will attempt to tear society apart. If media outlets report these politicians’ words and deeds uncritically, in line with their versions of ‘neutral’ reporting, then they are no better than the fence-sitting public.

Let truth be told in plain language – the media must uphold all principles of responsible and accountable journalism. They cannot remain ‘neutral’ or spin their reports by courting with the dark side of the divide.

The professional ability to help society to embrace truth for the sake of the victory of hope is the yardstick that will differentiate responsible media from stained media.

Let’s hope that the local media will not give coverage to those with desperate agendas who are trying to save themselves from all their past wrongdoings.

Let’s hope that the media will let discernment be their guiding torch and block those who are out to disrupt the people’s hopes for a better Malaysia.

The media agenda in these times should be to present truth to the public so that it can become the building blocks for a breakthrough outcome – to make up for all the lost time and the political perils that the nation has had to face.

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Help Malaysia to thrive on hope.

Help Malaysia to kill corrupt intentions.

Deliver us from the hands of corrupt politicians who have plundered the spoils of power for far too long.

A brave new world awaits the people as we approach polling day.

The media have a huge responsibility to make that hope a reality on 20 November. I express my deepest appreciation to all principled news media outlets that have helped the people to move forward in hope

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