‘Dubai move’: Shades of ‘Sheraton move’ back to haunt the country again!

Do we want to go through that hoopla again? With the same people again?

The 'Sheraton move' back in 2020

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By jem

Seriously! This was my first reaction when I read about the ‘Dubai move’.

Then the other questions that ran through my mind: what on earth is wrong with our politicians? when or will they ever grow up?

Then I looked back at the past year of the coalition government and realised that nothing much had been done to help the public. The prime minister has done a lot of globetrotting to bring investments into the country but, as of right now, it is just that – signed agreements.

Perhaps the PM has changed the country’s reputation globally from what it used to be. But with corruption charges still hanging over some, it will take time before foreign investors see Malaysia as a viable country to invest in.

Meanwhile, for ordinary folk there is not much help from the government: the cost of living remains high, with price hikes for food and other basic items. The government has not been effective in tackling the rising cost of living.

The ringgit has fallen significantly against the US dollar and many other foreign currencies, making imported items much more costly. Job opportunities for young graduates are few.

The PM’s eloquence, charisma and inspirational qualities may be impressive. But that is not enough. The country requires concrete and workable policies to be implemented.

What were the priorities of Pakatan Harapan in its manifesto for the 2022 general election? There were about 10 of them:

  1. Sorting out the cost of living
  2. Fighting corruption and strengthening democratic institutions
  3. Empowering the youth by giving them more economic opportunities by working in the humanitarian sector
  4. Building disaster resilience and strengthening protection
  5. Dealing with gender inequality and giving women more socioeconomic empowerment
  6. Helping the lost generations through more educational opportunities
  7. Addressing the issue of contract doctors and guaranteeing the welfare of health workers
  8. Empowering Sabah and Sarawak
  9. Increasing the competitiveness of every Malaysian, especially the most vulnerable groups
  10. Preserving our national treasures for our future generations
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What have the PM and his coalition government achieved in relation to the manifesto?

Much needs to be done, but how much can be really accomplished within the next few years? By accomplishing, I mean really doing it all – but it does not seem workable. Then again, who am I to say anything? I am not a politician.

One perception is that the public are not in sync with the new cabinet.

Earlier, the PM wanted to appoint his daughter as a senior economic advisor, which, thankfully, came to nought with the disapproval of the public. Now it seems he is doing it again with the appointment of the PKR women’s wing vice-chief, Sangetha Jayakumar, as a member of the Port Klang Authority’s board of directors.

While it is all well and good that women are being empowered under PH, the question is does Sangetha have the requisite qualifications, expertise and other criteria to take on this position? It reeks of cronyism, especially when the PM was so against such appointments in the previous administrations.

Thus far, we have heard much talk, but nothing substantive has come out from this government.

Whether it is the ‘Dubai move’, the ‘Chow Kit move’ or whatever move, the PM should really sit back, look at his coalition government with eyes wide open, and tick the boxes on what he has done or not done so far.

Maybe it is time for the police to put their skates on and get a ‘move’ on and look into the truth of all these stories, which have been rife in the media of late – although I wonder what the police can do if the opposition has the statutory declarations and if the numbers add up. Arrest the lot?

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Many of us know what the Sheraton move or the ‘backdoor government’ did to the country. Do we want to go through that hoopla again? With the same people again? Would the country be better off or would we be the laughing stock of the political world again? Are those implicated in this move in it for the good of the country or for power, control and money?

I felt sorry for the King and Queen, who went through so much to get the country on the right track – only to see this happening again.

But for the incoming king and queen from Johor – they are going to be hit with a whopper unless those behind the move realise they have bitten off more than they can chew. It seems the new king-to-be does not suffer fools gladly!

So, everybody in the know โ€“ think wisely!

jem is the pseudonym of a regular follower of Aliran

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14 Jan 2024 9.03am

First thing first. Let’s be reminded that it took six decades to be where we are today. In between we have the good, progress and the bad, corruption. These are the results of previous leaderships.

The manifesto is good. It takes steps and time to achieve results. Like education it takes years to complete primary before moving on to secondary. In between there will be good and poor results. You don’t judge a performer on one poor mark.

We do see steps the current leader is doing. Meeting other leaders NOT for pleasure but to bring in investment signed or otherwise. The latest, the ‘sealed building’ because the owner wouldn’t cooperate with MACC when requested. After six decades of tidak apa finally we are moving forward. Bravo!