Anwar’s Port Dickson gambit

Anwar’s PD move has put him and the coalition or hope government in something of a vulnerable corner, observes JD Lovrenciear.

The upcoming by-election in Port Dickson is already a much talked about concern among the public.

From keen political observers to uninitiated novices, many are expressing concern, while the online media are overflowing with comments.

Taking all expressed opinions into consideration, the one glaring truth that seems to hold out consistently is that few are against the hope of Anwar succeeding Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Even the collapsing Umno is said to be welcoming him.

What holds just as true is that people are divided on Anwar’s ‘Great PD Move’. Anwar’s decision may have been poorly timed. That could explain the anxiety and frustration among citizens and the damage control efforts by Anwar’s supporters and loyalists.

How Anwar came up with this strategy to get into the cabinet is anyone’s guess. It is unfathomable how he could have placed himself in this quagmire. Even with the foregone conclusion that he will win in the by-election, the modus operandi is likely to overshadow the outcome for some time to come.

For now, Mahathir has become the iconic leader for many Malaysians as well as in the eyes of the global community. The nation voted in a new government for many good reasons. This was also made possible by the gargantuan efforts by all the then opposition leaders including Anwar himself.

Many put their trust in Mahathir and were willing to put aside his past unsavoury stewardship as they looked to him to rescue the nation from a plundering government of six decades.

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Given this reality, Anwar’s PD move has put him and the coalition or hope government in something of a vulnerable corner. So why did he do it?

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Dr. Azlan
Dr. Azlan
7 Oct 2018 7.08pm

Why not?

Dr. SNaidu
Dr. SNaidu
7 Oct 2018 12.47pm

Anwar can be a good leader, like some of our earlier ones, and presently again, like Dr.M, as a ‘changed’ person. The core and renewed values and principles of nationhood as based, elucidated and established by and on OUR Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara, should never be traded with, even to a minimal extent, for good ‘servant leadership’ to shine on. Anwar has aimed for the premiership and as any politician generally, is ambitious. For the RAKYAT, as much as it can be ‘difficult’ today to live by the common .universal principles of ethics and public service, we appeal to these prominent, publicly ‘trusted’ Malaysians, to SERVE the RAKYAT unceasingly. Otherwise, the wheels of common justice will be activated intensely.

6 Oct 2018 9.07am

Why did he do it? PM is 93, anything can happen to him at anytime? It is agreed that Anwar is his successor. In the event of some unfortunate thing happen Anwar is in parliament to take over. I don’t understand why people can’t understand this simple arrangement. But of course there some who do not want Anwar to be the next PM and this is the group making a big hue and cry about pd by election.

6 Oct 2018 12.32pm
Reply to  Santana

What I do not like is, why our DPM is not keeping to her words ( I was warming the sit for Anwar Ibrahim )? Why is she not giving up her seat? I may be wrong. This is what I remembered.

6 Oct 2018 12.33am

If PRM had not dropped out from nomination, I’d be less sure of Anwar winning. However barring ther ebeing enough dissatisfaction with Anwar on the ground in Port Dickson, given its demographics, I reckon Anwar has a good chance of winning Port Dickson and qualify to be appointed a cabinet minister and later Prime Minister, if all works out as promised and expected. That said, I do not quite agree with Anwar’s methods, such as of getting a PKR MP to step down and force a by-election in which Anwar can protest. Anwar made a bad political move after the 2008 GE in saying that 30 or so BN MPs would jump ship to Pakatan, thus resulting in the BN government becoming a minority government and unable to effectively govern, which would allow Pakatan to become the federal government. Such talk raised the expectations of Pakatan supporters, which were dashed when not one Barisan MP jumped ship in September 2008. Such talk is like the boy who cried wolf and disappoint supporters one time too many and lose credibility. Such talk also encourages MPs to jump… Read more »