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Nicholas Fletcher
Nicholas Fletcher
18 Aug 2017 6.54pm

The article brought back warm and happy memories of my childhood growing up on Church Street. I remember playing badminton along the five foot ways. Im fact I learnt to cycle here. At night ours would be taken up by 2 – 3 men who would unfold their mats and sleep along it hudled close to the walls. By dawn they were gone , back home to start their day.

These days it pains me to enter Georgetown as it looks too brutalised. The five foot ways are all extensions of the unit and it pains me to see pedestrians walking on the road weaving with traffic.

Most of the culprits seem to be in Little India. I do not foresee any action from the authorities any time soon though I wish they would.

Georgetown Heritage is but a graveyard to me now. It’s laughter and spirit taken away by commercial greed.

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
18 Aug 2017 9.29am

There are infringements of the Municipal Regulations where you will find the residents of these houses have closed or put partitions between the houses to stop the public from using the passage from house to house, thereby claiming additional space for their own use. The City Council authorities should tear or remove these partitions occupying the five foot ways in the City, which I am sure the regulations allow for that. This has hardly been done in all these years. And the public has sort of condone it. Credit must be given to the old City Fathers who created such a ruling, forcing architects and developers to provide such five foot ways for the public. It helps to keep pedestrians from walking on the side of the road, to reduce accidents with motor vehicles, and you don’t need an umbrella when it rains if you walk within it. Motor cycles should not be allowed to be parked permanently or overnight, as well as other materials, like boxes, etc. The Council should take action by removing these, if they are parked and are blocking the passage way.… Read more »